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Tag: Education

Decentralising the education system

Reform of the education system, not just single reform measures, is urgently needed.

Be clear on entrance into matriculation programme

It does not make sense for the system to take in students with lesser qualifications and reject the good ones.

Teach history of Malaysia in schools, urges Sabah opposition rep

The Tamparuli assemblyman says the background on the federation's formation is relegated to only a few pages in textbooks.

Education the best investment but can turn destructive, says Dr M

The prime minister says there have been many instances where much destruction has been done by 'very smart individuals'.

English in schools: learn from the past, says group

Education activist says there should be continual training of teachers to handle Science and Maths in English.

Buying for our ‘future’ children… literally

Many parents are buying property in school catchment areas to future-proof their children’s education.

TVET courses to be recognised by single body, says Maszlee

The education minister says this has been approved by the Cabinet.

Do away with Moral Studies, parents group tells government

The Melaka Action Group for Parents suggests a 'common class' on issues such as human rights and the evils of corruption instead.

The 3-letter word that’s still taboo in schools

Mention sex and every adult ducks for cover; mention sex education in schools and tempers flare as teachers and parents anticipate rampant sex among teens.

The move from STEM to STREAM will boost employment

With the shift from STEM to STREAM, as well as the introduction of 'streamless' schools, our education system will help develop the soft skills that employers want.

Tech is good but instilling values better, says deputy chancellor

Unimas was the first university in the country to implement the QR code system to monitor attendance but its deputy chancellor says instilling the importance of education is still more important.

Speedy education reforms needed to address problem of racism, says academic

Citing the scuffle outside Universiti Malaya as an example, Sharifah Munirah Alatas says everything is turned into a racial issue when it is simply a human problem.

Enough talk, time to set right our national schools

Our selection of teachers and headmasters, and also university lecturers, needs to be drastically improved.

Religious segregation: ‘Corrective’ action ordered at Sabah school

Education officials to visit the school as deputy minister Teo Nie Ching urges respect for national unity.

Segregation of students by religion makes Sabah parents see red

School principal says this new system for Form 1 students is due to the lack of classrooms.

Standard 1 but already being prepped for Standard 4 work

A mother says she was called in over her son's 'messy handwriting' and told that the teacher is preparing the students for Standard Four exams.

Govt to hit dirt roads to bring STEM to rural areas

Maszlee Malik says the education ministry wants those in the rural areas and those with special needs to also benefit from the STEM initiative.

Intensify training to improve English proficiency of teachers, Putrajaya told

The National Union of Teaching Profession says the number of those capable of teaching Science and Mathematics in English is limited.

Women have made some progress, but it’s not enough

Women should not be afraid of making mistakes as these become lessons for betterment, and they should also not put limits to their education.

Don’t let parents send ‘medical time bombs’ into schools

Individual rights don't triumph over public good.