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Why the elderly suffer from dry and itchy skin

Skin, like many other organs, undergoes deterioration with the passage of time.

Even caregivers need care and attention

Caregiving can often be exhausting and depressing. So remember to take time out and care for yourself as well.

US seniors fight depression with virtual reality

The elderly can now transport themselves to their dream destination through the virtual reality glasses.

Making your home senior-friendly

Remember that accidents can happen in the home due to clumsiness or when they let their guard down at potential household hazards.

Come celebrate grandparents, parents and children’s fair at Everyday Mall, USJ

There’s something for everyone at the Grandparents, parents & children's’ fair.

Home sharing for the elderly a more viable alternative

Besides combatting loneliness, sharing a home means being part of a community and helping keep each other safe.

Vintage fashion: Senior models bridge S.Korea’s age divide

A handful of South Korea's senior citizens become unlikely social media celebrities and influencers in a country where intergenerational conflict is mounting as the population ages.

Cuban centenarians cheered on by family, aim for 120

More than 2,000 people in impoverished Cuba are 100 years or old – a reality that has piqued the interest of experts and led some to aim for even longer lives.

3 things to look for in a nursing home

Good nursing homes in Malaysia are few and far between, but the quality is now improving and more good homes are opening every day.

Why you may need a caregiver sooner, rather than later

A home caregiver for your elderly parent can help out periodically or around the clock depending on your needs.

Should I put mum in a home?

Here’s some help on deciding whether your elderly loved one needs to be in a nursing home or should receive care at home instead.

When a senior resists assisted care

There are many reasons for a senior to resist assisted care. Here are some tips to get their cooperation.

Are you looking for a caregiver for your elderly loved one?

Tips on finding a credible elderly caregiver because your loved one’s care is important.

Being a family caregiver: The toughest job you’ll ever have

While there are ways to make caregiving a little easier, you should consider obtaining the services of a professional caregiver instead.

The big list: Top senior websites and groups to check out

The sites on this list offer resources geared towards senior wellbeing, health, socialisation and general knowledge.

The importance of companionship for the elderly

Studies show that older adults who lack companionship and feel lonely are at greater risk of developing diseases or experiencing medical issues.

Creating age-friendly cities for kids and the elderly

Liveability is also important and includes basic amenities, infrastructure, public transport, secure neighbourhoods and a clean environment.

Singapore’s aged in line for pre-election budget bonus

Expectations are for a spending spree ahead of a reported early election later this year.

Celebrated deaf and mute café couple calling time on dishing up...

Popular eatery in Cameron Highlands will soon be looking for new proprietors to happily work 16-hour-days.

Chinese elderly jump on live streaming bandwagon

China's internet is heavily censored by the Communist Party authorities, but it nonetheless has an abundance of bloggers and vloggers.

First things first, Putrajaya told on welfare of senior citizens

Activist Ho Yock Lin urges the government to concentrate on improving healthcare and transportation services for the elderly rather than the construction of activity centres.

The older you are, the better the sex

Older couples are often less stressed with financial responsibilities and enjoy a more open form of communication that leads to more meaningful sex.

Older adults more reasoned when making financial decisions for others

Older people are more reasonable and prudent than their younger counterparts.

Deadly California wildfire leaves 100 people missing, mostly elderly

More than 8,800 buildings, most of them houses, burned to the ground in and around Paradise, a hamlet once home to 27,000 people.