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Tag: Election Commission

EC hopes for 75-80% voter turnout in Balakong

It says polling hours will be extended until 5.30pm to encourage a high voter turnout.

Bersih wants tribunal established to investigate EC

The electoral watchdog plans to send a letter to Dr Mahathir Mohamad urging for the setting up of a tribunal to investigate the alleged misconduct of the Election Commission in GE14.

Saifuddin: Hold Balakong, Seri Setia by-elections on the same day

The PKR secretary-general says this will help Pakatan Harapan make its preparations.

Seri Setia by-election same day as Balakong?

EC deputy chairman Othman Mahmood does not rule out this possibility.

Table report on new Sabah seats soon, says PBS

Its secretary-general Johnny Mositun says the Election Commission’s proposal to increase the state seats to 73 from 60 will lapse next month if not endorsed by Parliament.

Extra 30 minutes for voters in Sungai Kandis

Election Commission says polls will now close at 5.30pm and extra voter channels will be provided to ease congestion.

BN candidate: Show you are unhappy with PH by voting for...

The BN candidate in the Sungai Kandis by-election says voting for him would send a message to the PH govt that the rakyat are not happy with the way they have been governing for the last two months

EC revamp, media bias among problems to solve, says new report...

Among others, the report says media ownership should be made public.

Bersih: Let Sungai Kandis by-election be benchmark for future polls

The polls watchdog calls on candidates, parties, the EC, MACC and the public to play their role in ensuring the by-election is run properly and achieves a high standard.

Bersih denies proposing its former leaders to be EC head

Bersih 2.0 says there is no shortage of other experienced and reform-minded candidates to take over as Election Commission chairman.

A ‘new era’ in handling election disputes, says ex-judge

It is a first step to ensure that the government will not cover the EC for mistakes and intended wrongs, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Ambiga says ‘no’ to Bersih proposal for her to lead EC

Bersih 2.0 said Ambiga Sreenevasan is one of several people capable of being the next Election Commission chairman.

Bersih: New EC head must not be linked to political party

Electoral watchdog says the outgoing EC chairman was with Umno before being appointed to the commission, which eroded public confidence in elections and undermined the country's democracy.

Pick senior Bar member as next chief justice, says lawyer

Haris Ibrahim says the present judges have failed to uphold their oath to restore judicial independence and defend the Federal Constitution.

EC chairman’s tenure cut short

His tenure will end on July 1.

New Malaysia: Who’s next on the reform chopping block?

It is normal for an incoming administration to replace some of those seen to have sided with the earlier administration and so the guessing game has begun: Who’s next?

Legal minds: EC should not be defended by AG but by...

The EC is neither part of the executive nor the legislature and it should not receive legal advice from the Attorney-General's Chambers, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Bersih: Remove EC members if they refuse to resign

Bersih 2.0 says a by-election could be held at any time and if the present EC remains, the election may not be free or fair.

EC denies claims of manipulation in GE14

EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah says the results, which were in Pakatan Harapan's favour, are proof that the election was conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

Bersih 2.0 wants EC commissioners removed immediately

The electoral reform group and Pemantau also call for EC commissioners and officers who contravened the law to be charged.

Remove laws that restrict press freedom and free speech, says ex-judge

Putrajaya must also look into revamping the justice system and workings of the Election Commission, says Gopal Sri Ram

Sabah gets new government, but Shafie says it’s not over yet

The Warisan president says he is looking at several options as there were many clear breaches of election rules by BN and EC officials.

Go out and vote to herald the dawn of a new...

What Malaysians need to do, within the next few remaining hours, is to get out and vote to reshape the destiny of the nation.

Suhakam condemns disqualification, vote buying and redelineation

It says the playing field has been affected by such acts and that it intends to call for a revamp of the EC in the future.