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Tag: election offences

Bersih calls for RCI into ‘electoral misconduct’ in May 9 polls

This comes after a tribunal to hear allegations of misconduct against six former EC members decided not to proceed with the hearing.

Bersih records 19 offences in Sandakan by-election

Eleven of these were committed by Pakatan Harapan and its ally Warisan.

Do your part, Bersih tells media on educating public on election...

The electoral watchdog says awareness of election offences and how to lodge reports on them is still low, but that it will press on to educate the public on this.

Bersih out to get offenders ahead of Ramadan by-election in Sandakan

The electoral watchdog launches Pemantau, a campaign to encourage the public to lodge complaints on election offences during campaign periods.

No election offence but not in good taste, Bersih says on...

Bersih chairman Thomas Fann says there should be no use of race in elections.

EC denies taking sides in Rantau

EC chairman Azhar Harun says the commission has taken action against both BN and PH.

Dr M, the worst election offender in Semenyih?

The prime minister's speech implied that discrimination against opposition-led constituencies is perfectly 'normal' and a long-standing practice.

Bersih, the toothless tiger

Bersih is not empowered by law to take action over electoral offences; it can only monitor and work to educate the public.

Bersih lodges 4 police reports on offences during Semenyih polling

The reports concern transportation for voters and the setting up of voter assistance booths.

Bersih slams BN, PH for flouting election laws in Semenyih polls

The electoral watchdog also takes the authorities to task for not acting in the past.

EC officials lodged report against me, Najib reminds Art Harun

Former prime minister says the perceived lack of action against election offences serves to undermine the EC chairman's credibility.

No ‘pondok panas’, no campaigning on polling day, Bersih reminds

The election watchdog calls on the Election Commission to come down hard on those who violate election laws.

Is that a threat, Bersih asks after Pahang MB’s remarks on...

The electoral watchdog says such remarks can be deemed as undue influence or even abuse of power.

Cameron Highlands by-election campaign a joke

We should focus on real issues such as the plight of the Orang Asli, the degradation of the environment and transportation problems instead of the racial make-up of candidates.

EC has what it needs to deal with election offences, says...

Transparency International-Malaysia urges the authorities to make full use of the Election Offences Act, MACC Act and Penal Code to tackle election offences.

Anwar denies breaking election rules in PD polls

But the Port Dickson MP says Bersih 2.0's criticisms should be looked into.

Arm EC with investigative powers, says Bersih

The electoral watchdog says the EC currently has no authority to investigate election offences and can only lodge police reports.

PH tops election offences in PD by-election, says Bersih

Electoral watchdog says Pakatan Harapan committed six of the 10 offences identified during the Port Dickson by-election.

PH committed most offences in Balakong, Seri Setia, says Bersih

The electoral watchdog says Pakatan Harapan abused government assets, resources, agencies and programmes to get votes.

Large Suhakam team to monitor election campaign

Six organisations submit a memorandum calling for action on 'fradulent and abusive practices'

Uproar over no-politics order to Telekom staff

Lawyers and Bersih 2.0 say restriction against being polling agents is unfair, Telekom says staff only told not to associate TM brand with any political activity.

What about your 50ft rocket in Bagan, MCA asks DAP

MCA's Ti Lian Ker questions Lim Lip Eng over DAP party symbol placed outside a hall in Lim Guan Eng's Bagan parliamentary seat since last month.

Maria: Punish parties who put up flags early

Ex-Bersih chief slams police for arresting three women who cut down BN flags and says parties should have been penalised for breaking the law on election campaigning.

Pua tells how elections are a money machine

'Supporters camp outside awaiting their allowance. You want work done? Pay up. People at ceramah? Pay up', he says.