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Tight security at Indonesia court as opposition pushes for fresh election

Around 17,000 police and military personnel have been deployed to prevent a repeat of last month's unrest while the Constitutional Court deliberates.

Trump: Boris Johnson would be very good for PM

Trump says other Conservative lawmakers had also sought his endorsement.

India’s Modi sworn in ahead of unveiling revamped govt

Narendra Modi will announce new finance and foreign ministers as well as find a top post for his trusted enforcer, BJP president Amit Shah.

Papua New Guinea PM resigns, throwing gas deal into doubt

Papua New Guinea's veteran prime minister formally resigns, easing a months-long political crisis and calling a multi-billion-dollar French and US-backed gas deal into doubt.

Modi’s party consolidates win with opposition defections

Almost all the people joining the BJP are from the Trinamool Congress, led by Mamata Banerjee, who is one of Modi's biggest critics.

Modi plots course after landslide Indian election win

Following a landslide victory in recent elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's post-electorial plans include addressing India's economic growth, reducing unemployment, and improving the agriculture sector.

India’s battered Congress party closes ranks after election setback

Ghandi offers to quit but the Congress Working Group unanimously and with one voice rejected the offer.

Modi wins historic general election victory, party says

Official data says the BJP is ahead in 292 of the 542 seats available, well over the 272 seats needed for a majority in the lower house of parliament.

Jakarta protesters disperse after second night of post-election unrest

The police have found envelopes with cash on some of the rioters prompting allegations of paid mobs.

India awaits results from world’s biggest election

Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi tells the people of India not to believe exit polls which points to a BJP win.

Police fire tear gas to disperse crowds after Indonesia confirms president’s re-election

Indonesian police fired tear gas as some protesters hurled fireworks and other objects at officers in riot gear in a main street in the capital.

Maduro proposes early elections for opposition-run congress

Venezuela’s Congress is held by the opposition and to shift elections forwards is seen as a move to cleanse the Congress of Maduro’s detractors.

Violence flares in West Bengal as voting in Indian election ends

Police used batons to break up skirmishes between supporters of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the regional Trinamool Congress party in Kankinara.

India’s Modi set to win election, exit polls show

According to a poll released by Times Now television Modi's alliance is likely to get 306 seats, a clear majority.

Australian dollar to strengthen after Morrison clings to power

The Aussie sank to 68.68 cents last week amid a rise in the unemployment rate in April and China dashing hopes the trade spat would be ended soon.

Fear of change: Negative politics wins Australia election

Opposition leader Bill Shorten's unpopularity and his struggle to explain the party's complex tax policies were used by Scott Morrison to devastating effect.

Australian PM heads to church, rugby after ‘miracle’ election win

The day after his party’s win Morrison went to church and supported his favourite rugby team.

US embassy issues Indonesia security alert ahead of election results

Indonesian authorities are heightening security ahead of the announcement of the official result of the election.

Indians vote in penultimate phase of seven-round general election

A lack of new jobs – despite annual economic growth of about 7% – and the plight of farmers struggling with falling crop prices have been major worries for voters.

Australia’s PM launches official campaign six days out from election

The government has been trailing the centre-left Labour Party, led by Bill Shorten, in polls for years, though recent figures indicate the race is tightening.

Turkey board to rule on Istanbul election re-run appeal, says AKP

Turkey's AK Party's huge loss of Istanbul in the country's recent polls is being taken badly by President Tayyip Erdogan who now demands a re-run appeal. 

Over 270 died from overwork-related illnesses in Indonesia elections

Conducting the eight-hour vote in the republic has proven to be both a Herculean logistical feat and deadly for officials who had to count ballot papers by hand.

Gay atheist in Catholic heartland plots to save his country

Robert Biedron wants to pull his country away from pious nationalism and homophobia that’s permeated society under the current government.

Indonesia warns against unrest as Widodo rival rejects results

National Police Chief Tito Karnavian urges Indonesians to refrain from mass demonstrations.