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Tag: Election

Indonesia’s Jokowi kicks off fresh term after wave of crises

Crises threaten Jokowi's final term after his re-election victory.

Obama tweets support for Trudeau

Canada’s PM is not the first to receive Obama’s backing.

Youth power lifts Saied as new Tunisia president

New president thanks youths for ‘turning new page’.

Trudeau continues campaign after threats to his safety

Canada PM’s rival stresses threats against political leaders have no place in democracy.

Trump tries turning impeachment scandal into re-election fuel

US president tells supporters probe will produce backlash at the ballot box like never seen before.

Trudeau accuses top rival of planning to cut taxes for millionaires,...

Canadian PM is striving to gain support before Oct 21 election.

Iranian hacking group unsuccessfully targeted Trump’s re-election campaign

US president’s campaign director says there’s no indication its infrastructure was targeted.

Frontrunners each claim victory in Afghan election

But electoral commission chief executive says neither Ashraf Ghani nor Abdullah Abdullah has the right to declare himself the winner.

Conservatives win Austria election as far-right tumbles

Sebastian Kurz was left speechless by the scale of the Conservatives’ victory.

Russians set to rally to demand release of jailed protesters

It has been authorised by the Moscow mayor's office, meaning mass detentions by police are less likely to happen.

Afghan voters brave violence as presidential election begins

Kandahar, Kabul, Ghazni and Jalalabad have all been hit by explosions to deter Afghan citizens from going out to vote.

Trump told Russians he’s not concerned with election meddling in 2017

US president told 2 Russian officials America did the same in other countries.

Netanyahu asks for live pre-trial hearing so public can hear ‘my...

Fifth term in office can confer Israel PM legal immunity in long-running cases.

Netanyahu tasked with forming new Israeli government

Benjamin Netanyahu says he will do everything in his power to establish a unity government with joint leadership.

Trudeau resumes campaign as polls show damage from blackface photo

Survey polls suggest that the photos have impacted public opinion of Justin Trudeau.

Netanyahu, Gantz in standoff over Israeli unity government

Benny Gantz made clear that he would have to be prime minister of a unity government.

Netanyahu left teetering after close election

Netanyahu says he wants to establish a 'strong Zionist government'. 

Parliament bars Israeli PM’s plan for cameras at polling stations

Critics say the draft legislation for camera monitoring at polling stations was aimed at intimidating Arab voters.

Opposition to block British PM Johnson’s early election bid

Opposition parties, including the Labour Party, say they will either vote against or abstain on calls for an election until the law to force Johnson to seek a Brexit delay is implemented.

As election nears, Singapore may raise spending to ease economic pain

For many Singapore voters, some extra support to bring down costs in a struggling economy would be welcome.

I am ready to fight an election, says Labour leader Corbyn

Corbyn says Labour are united in their opposition to Boris Johnson's plans for a no-deal.

Johnson to call election on eve of Brexit showdown with parliament?

Boris Johnson has called a cabinet meeting and could ask lawmakers to vote on calling an election if they vote against his government on Brexit.

Don’t meddle in our affairs, PBS tells Sabah Umno

PBS Youth chief Christopher Mandut says the party is no longer affiliated with BN and has the right to contest anywhere it wishes.

Court declares Kimanis election result null and void

This means there could be another by-election in Sabah although Anifah Aman is set to appeal the ruling.