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Bersih wants tribunal established to investigate EC

The electoral watchdog plans to send a letter to Dr Mahathir Mohamad urging for the setting up of a tribunal to investigate the alleged misconduct of the Election Commission in GE14.

Santiago raises spectre of phantom voters in Klang

PH's Klang candidate Charles Santiago says 500 new voters have been registered in Kampung Idaman, Pandamaran Jaya and Teluk Gong.

Ex-top cops still listed as advance voters, Bersih’s check shows

Bersih 2.0 says it has found countless irregularities in the electoral roll.

Court throws out Segamat voters’ appeal on army men

A three-man bench rules that there was no error committed by the High Court judge.

EC denies claims that dead man’s name reinstated in electoral roll

Election Commission chief says the man's name was never taken out of electoral roll, even though he died in 2003.

Bersih: Dead people found on electoral roll

Reform group submits more than 80 complaints, says it is alarmed by the high number of upset Malaysians overseas.

Some Klang voters mysteriously registered in Perak, claims MP

Klang MP Charles Santiago says they will be forced to vote in Perak as the electoral roll has been gazetted.

Expect electoral roll within a week, says EC chairman

If not out within a week, the electoral roll should be available at latest on nomination day.

GE14: 1.8 million registered voters in Johor

This is an increase from the 1.5 million registered in GE13.

Bersih: Court decision on Segamat army voters a blow to democracy

The NGO says the court should have considered all factors and given priority to the Federal Constitution as the decision opens the gates to electoral fraud.

Segamat voters fail again to remove army men from electoral roll

The High Court rules that the 48 Segamat voters cannot challenge the EC over its decision to include the army personnel and their spouses in the electoral roll as it has been gazetted.

Sabah Bersih: Why are voters registered so far from their homes?

It says some first-time voters find their places of voting are 40-120km away from home.

Voters changing addresses: EC wants Warisan to make formal complaint

It gives this advice following Warisan's allegation of 5,000 'dubious voters' in state moved from previous constituencies.

Court denies Segamat voters’ bid to remove army men from electoral...

High Court says six applicants have not exhausted their appeal process with Election Commission.

Sabah DAP claims voter discrepancy rampant in new electoral rolls

Opposition party calls for voters in Sabah to check electoral list on public display, after many cases of more than 10 voters registered under one address.

Analyst: EC needs to show more transparency

He says EC seems to be making concerted efforts to stop detection of problems in the electoral roll.

Apex court to decide if voters can challenge gazetted electoral roll

Federal Court says the legal questions posed need further argument as they are of public importance.

EC to exhibit electoral roll 2017 for Kelantan and Perak

It will be on display at the state election offices from today till Aug 14.

Bersih wants action on Jamal’s ‘moving voters’ claim

Bersih says inaction by police and EC will indicate they are working ‘hand-in-glove’ with unscrupulous parties to determine the outcome of GE14.

DAP: Destroyed electoral rolls will help case against EC

Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming says Selangor govt's case against EC for allegedly defective electoral rolls in redelineation case will be strengthed with EC's admission.

Bersih not under RoS, so no cooperation from EC

EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah also denies allegations that the country is afflicted by problems of phantom voters and gerrymandering.

Only 1,170 new military voters in Selangor, says EC

Selangor EC deputy director says assistant registrar officers have been placed at every military camp in the state to ensure proper registration of officers.

Election Commission chief denies favouritism

EC chairman Hashim Abdullah says agency is working with Economic Planning Unit to go to ground to set up counters at universities and suburban areas.

EC directive paves way for phantom voters, says PH youth rep

Pakatan Harapan Youth representative says Election Commission's move to stop distributing draft of electoral roll will also 'curtail democracy'.