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Tesla killers are arriving from Jaguar, Porsche, Audi and more

To date, Tesla has ruled the roads for electric car buyers, with little direct competition in the market from US$60,000 and up. Those days are over.

Only 1% of China electric car startups to survive, investor says

China’s quest to lead the world in cars powered by electricity has enticed investors to pour billions of dollars into startups and production.

Tesla seen needing to raise cash even if Elon Musk is...

Chief Executive Officer Musk said he expects the company to generate positive free cash flow in the second half of this year, and become sustainably profitable for the first time in its 15-year history.

Tesla hits 200,000 cars, meaning lower tax credit for buyers

From Jan. 1 next year, the $7,500 tax credit will drop to $3,750 around mid-year, the Tesla website said.

China’s electric car appetite spawns 77-year-old billionaire

Huh Chin-kyu, the 77-year-old founder and chairman of Seoul-based Iljin Group, has become his country’s latest billionaire thanks to increasing demand for the firm’s copper coils.

China’s CATL to build its first European EV battery factory in...

Europe's lack of its own production capabilities for the cells that power electric cars has prompted warnings that it could leave its car industry exposed and too reliant on others.

China’s top EV maker starts battery-swap service to lure users

The company will sell a version of its EV300 compact car for 79,800 yuan (US$12,000) that allows users to change battery as often as they want for a monthly fee of 432 yuan.

Tesla finally hits model 3 target, focus on sustainability

Hitting the 5,000-a-week target is a major achievement for Musk, who first revealed the Model 3 in late 2016. It’s also a relief for customers who have waited for their cars for more than two years

Proton must go electric to survive, says economist

Tie-up with Geely seen as crucial as national car-makers will find it difficult without backing of a global partner.

Global electric car sales up by over 50% in 2017, IEA...

Over three million electric cars were sold around the world in 2017.

Dealerships trash talk electric cars, study says

Many car dealerships discourage customers from buying electric cars.

EBRD says would back Poland’s electric cars, anti-smog plan

Poland aims to have one million electric cars on its roads by 2025 and also intends to set up offshore wind farms.

McLaren: We won’t follow Ferrari, Corvette into electric future

McLaren buyers evidently have no such compunction. They are racetrack —not ecologically— minded.

China extends tax rebate for electric cars, hybrids

The extension comes as automakers in China brace to meet strict new-energy vehicles quotas starting in 2019 that are sparking a flurry of electric car deals and new launches of electric and hybrid models.

Former UN climate chief to advise Formula E

Christiana Figueres will take on a leadership role on Formula E's Global Advisory Board.

Road tax should be based on vehicle weight

As electric cars come on, it will not be practical to charge road tax based on the engine’s cubic capacity, and it will be unfair to base it on horsepower.

Electric vehicles can ‘fill up’ for free at 2 BP stations

The company will install more charging points at BHPetrol service stations to cater to the demand.