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Tag: electric vehicles

Ireland to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars by...

The measure is one of 180 proposals intended to put Ireland on a path to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Tesla promotes lower priced China-made Model 3 in sales push

The standard rang plus Model 3 is US$7,089.94 cheaper than China’s current cheapest version.

VW to reshuffle US$56 billion battery push as Samsung deal at...

Producing batteries safe to use in cars is more complex than the technology used for consumer electronic devices like smartphones.

Volkswagen sells out one-third of new electric model in 24 hours

Customers who ordered Volkswagen’s special edition car will also get a year’s worth of free charging.

Time to open up the market for 3rd national car

Set up a level playing field policy for the automotive sector for other brand producers to team up, produce and compete.

Toyota, Suzuki charge up partnership for electric cars

Toyota is a leader in hybrid technology and is investing heavily in automated driving, while Suzuki specialises in affordable compact cars.

Volkswagen invests in California battery start-up

VW has budgeted US$50 billion for its electric transition between now and 2023.

VW, China spearhead US$300 billion global drive to electrify cars

Industry executives say China is now positioned to lead electric vehicle development.

Norway’s electric cars zip to new record: almost a third of...

Nissan's upgraded Leaf electric car was the top-selling car in Norway last year.

VW may sideline Audi, link with rivals in new 10-year plan

Chief executive Herbert Diess will present his plan at a meeting of the German carmaker's supervisory board.

Battery maker eyes India’s US$300 billion lithium-ion market

The battery maker is in the process of building a 100 megawatt-hour assembly plant in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh and the company is working closely with the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai.

German start-up trials solar car that charges as you drive

Sono Motors, founded in 2016, is developing the Sion, a fully-electric vehicle that has solar cells integrated into its bodywork. It can be charged via solar power or from conventional power outlets.

Norwegians miffed over abysmal after sales support by Tesla

Musk acknowledges Norwegians grouse but blames authorities for delaying approval to dispatch repair technicians to customers’ homes - Norwegian officials say Tesla hasn’t filed a formal application for mobile service centres.

Change gear and go electric in our car industry

Dr Mahathir Mohamad should guide Malaysia into the age of New Energy Vehicles and autonomous vehicles rather than one more national car project

BMW gets right for potential stake in Chinese battery manufacturer

The German marque said it will source about US$4.7 billion worth of battery cells from CATL

Tesla buyers hear clock ticking as US$7,500 credit phases out

A Tesla spokesman confirmed that the company delivered its 200,000th vehicle in the US this month, so the full US$7,500 tax credit will remain in place until Dec 31.

Eramet searches for lithium deposits in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, CEO says

Eramet has been looking to expand in minerals such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel salts linked to energy transition markets such as electric vehicles.

Dealerships trash talk electric cars, study says

Many car dealerships discourage customers from buying electric cars.

Platinum’s fuel-cell car bonanza proves elusive

Many car manufacturers have been cutting back on the amount of platinum used in their fuel cells to save money.

Budget measures to encourage use of electric vehicles

Minister tells of plans to increase the number of charging stations and to promote infrastructure.