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Tag: Electricity

Unprecedented blackout plunges millions into darkness

PG&E Corp carrying out biggest cut in California to stop power lines from sparking more deadly wildfires.

Hurricane Humberto lashes Bermuda, island plunges into darkness

More than 28,000 homes and businesses lose electricity, flights get cancelled.

Thailand aims to become Southeast Asia’s power-trading middleman

The power-trading hub move by Thailand is part of its efforts to make the nation's system cleaner, cheaper and more efficient.

Quality infrastructure in 95% of rural areas by 2025, says minister

Almost all areas, especially in Sabah, are to have roads, electricity and water supply under the Rural Development Policy.

TNB loses RM3.2 million to Bitcoin miners in Kuantan

One of the raided premises was using 1,500 Amp of unmetered electricity although the meter only showed 3 Amp, meaning a monthly bill of RM219 instead of RM108,000.

Thai government urged not to buy power from Laos dam

The Thai-built Xayaburi dam, a few hours from the northern Laos town of Luang Prabang, is set to be completed in October, the latest in a welter of barriers across the waterway.

4, including pregnant woman, killed at Sg Buloh construction site

Three of the men who had gone to the rescue of the pregnant woman are electrocuted.

Sarawak eyes power supply to Indonesia

Proposed new Indonesian capital in Kalimantan may open door for Sarawak Energy Berhad to establish Borneo-wide electricity grid, says the chief minister.

Environmentalists cast doubts over Sarawak’s innovative fuel station plan

While the concept appears good, they question if building three-in-one fuel stations for vehicles powered by fossil fuel, electricity and hydrogen fuel cells will work.

TNB blames ‘technical issues’ for higher electricity bills

CEO Amir Hamzah Azizan says the system has been restored and is running smoothly.

California confirms deadly fire was caused by power lines

Cal Fire says very dry vegetation, strong winds, high temperatures and low humidity fuelled the fire and caused 'extreme rates of spread'.

Sabah minister tells activists to have open mind over coal power...

Deputy Chief Minister Madius Tangau says with improved technology, Sabahans should have another look at the coal option.

Govt urged to be more open in fixing electricity tariff

This comes after TNB says it is not bringing down prices despite cheaper fuel.

Sabah Umno Youth slams Sandakan council president over ‘thug-like’ action

A video capturing Sandakan Municipal Council president Peter Hii waving money in the face of a power utility staff has gone viral on social media.

Entire rural Sabah to have water, electricity by 2035

The government is also committed to building more homes and would upgrade rural roads, says Ewon Benedick.

Putrajaya to rethink future power infrastructure projects for remote villages

This comes after minister Yeo Bee Yin's visit to a remote village in Sabah to see a community-run micro-hydro system first hand.

Govt in bid to recover RM3.5 billion for Sabah’s incomplete pipeline...

The 662km gas pipeline from Kimanis Gas Terminal to Sandakan and Tawau costs a total of RM4.06 billion.

Putrajaya to return SESB power utility ownership to Sabah in 2...

Minister Yeo Bee Yin also says the government has agreed not to increase power tariffs in Sabah this year.

ABB, Hitachi said to near US$11 billion deal for power grids

The Swiss engineering giant and the Japanese conglomerate are scheduled to announce the transaction as early as Monday.

In Mauritius, sugar cane means money, renewable energy

Electricity from sugar cane accounts for 14% of the island's needs and nearly a quarter of daily consumption when combined with solar, wind and hydro sources.

Outflanking China, Western allies pledge to provide electricity to PNG

The United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand unveiled a plan to provide electricity and internet to much of PNG.

TNB to boost renewable energy to fight escalating electricity cost

By 2030, the government hopes to increase renewable energy usage in the electricity industry from 2% to 20%.

Deepavali lights of joy, clarity and clean politics

Deepavali tells us to bring clarity to our thinking so that we will be able to see everyone, whatever their race or religion as human beings who have the same needs, who bleed if cut, and who share the same Earth.

Sabah minister: Why restrict power subsidy to just eKasih households?

Sabah Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick says there are many rural people who are not registered with eKasih but earn less than RM500 a month.