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Border officials ticked off after 10 tusks smuggled as dowry

Latest seizure is the third by Indonesian Customs in recent times and is a blow to Sabah’s on-going elephant conservation efforts.

‘Plan Bee’ gets Indian elephants to buzz off railways

In 2013, some 70 elephants were killed by trains, thus the 'Plan Bee' effort is a way of getting these animals off the tracks.

Report the elephant killers, earn a luxury hotel stay

An animal rights group is offering money and a hotel stay for credible information on the killers.

3 elephants found dead in Johor were poisoned, says Xavier

He says an electrical fencing keeping wild elephants from entering village in Kluang was not working.

Stranded baby elephants rescued by Thai rangers

After three hours of digging to build a makeshift ramp, the mud-covered babies managed to stumble out of the pit one-by-one as the rangers cheered them on.

Sabah sets up joint task force to protect elephant population

A total of 116 elephants have died between October 2010 and September this year.

Perak MB: 999-year titles for new villages under discussion

For now, they will get 99-year leases to enable them to get bank loans.

Elephants take the flag in Indonesia independence ceremony

A trio of rare elephants led an unusual ceremony in the Sumatran jungle Friday, raising Indonesia's red and white flag to help mark the country's independence day.

Rising number of elephant deaths disturbing, says Sabah DCM

In latest incident, tourist boat stumbles upon the carcass of a baby elephant during a cruise in Kinabatangan River.

Asia’s wild-captured worker elephants die young

Asian elephants snatched from the wild and conscripted to haul logs in Myanmar's timber industry live on average five years less than working elephants born in captivity, researchers said Tuesday.

Singapore uproar over store selling ivory jewellery

An animal rights' group slammed a Singapore online store for selling jewellery made from tortured elephants.

Snare trap kills second elephant in a week in Sabah

The elephant was found dead at a plantation with severe injury to its foot.

Sepilok orangutan sanctuary welcomes 3 newborns

However, the celebration was marred by the death of an orangutan in the wild.

Elephant that died wasn’t expected to live past 5 years, says...

Park says the juvenile elephant was handicapped and had difficulty swallowing his food.

Sabah’s wildlife park needs more funding, says minister

State tourism, culture and environment minister Christina Liew is satisfied with the condition of the animals at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park but says the facilities can be improved.

Find out how pygmy elephants died, orders Shafie

He wants to fast-track all necessary efforts to protect Sabah’s endangered wildlife.

6 pygmy elephants found dead in Sabah in recent weeks

The carcasses, found in oil palm plantations, had no signs of any gunshot wounds.

Chinese port with few ships stokes fears in Indian Ocean

The Hambantota port has become a prime example of what can go wrong for countries involved in President Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” trade and infrastructure initiative.

Smiles and slapstick as Rohingya refugees learn to corral elephants

A trumpet fills the air as two "elephants" charge, scattering Rohingya refugee actors at a training session in a camp which cuts deep into Bangladeshi forest once reserved for the protected species.

Long-term measures needed to tackle Sabah’s elephant woes

Minister to discuss with state wildlife department possible ways to solve the conflict between humans and elephants.

Today’s elephants don’t interbreed like ancient species

Today's savanna and forest elephants do not interbreed, unlike ancient species of elephants and mammoths.

Malaysian elephant sanctuary trumpets effort to cut human-animal conflict

Since starting operations about 30 years ago, the centre's staff have relocated over 700 wild elephants to areas deep within the jungle.

Sukau bridge issue could cost Sabah BN seat, says assemblyman

Sukau assemblyman Saddi Abdul Rahman claims Warisan is instigating people, claiming BN is 'afraid' of international NGOs opposing project.

Leading ivory trade investigator murdered in Kenya

Esmond Martin was stabbed to death in his house.