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Tag: elites

Prove matriculation only benefitted BN cronies, Khaled tells DAP Youth

The Umno vice-president responds to DAP Youth's claims that the low-income group did not benefit from the previous government's policies.

Spain’s elite shaken by ‘blackmailer’ cop’s recordings

The 67-year-old retired police superintendent is suspected of large-scale corruption, having allegedly done dirty work, such as blackmail or threats, on behalf of companies or rich individuals for decades.

Britain steps up efforts to target dirty money from Russia, corrupt...

Prime Minister Theresa May promises to tackle illegal fortunes held by foreign nationals living in the United Kingdom.

Football, sleepovers in new Youth chief’s strategy to revive Umno

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki speaks against what he calls an elitist culture within Umno.

IDEAS founder on good elites and bad elites

The Negeri Sembilan prince says what matters is that a leader cares about democracy.