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Colombia: Bom punca saluran paip minyak mentah Trasandino terbakar

Serangan berlaku di wilayah Narino di barat negara itu, berhampiran sempadan Ecuador.

Colombia’s ELN rebels claim police academy attack

The academy was a military installation where cadets received training to become intelligence operatives and conduct military operations.

Colombian government and ELN rebels to resume peace talks on Thursday

A prior round of peace talks had been suspended after an increase in violence on police stations.

Colombians vote in elections seen as test for peace deal

The election is set to be the calmest in half a century of conflict in Colombia, with the former rebel movement FARC spurning jungle warfare for politics, and the ELN observing a ceasefire.

Colombia’s president questions whether to end ELN peace talks over attacks

The ELN recently launched attacks that killed many police and military personnel.

Violence in Colombia has displaced more than 800 people, UN says

The majority of the violence has occurred in Antioquia Department.

Colombia rebels suspected in deadly police blasts

The ELN has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Seven killed in bar shooting in drug-producing Colombian department

The incident in Antioquia Department was part of a dispute between the ELN rebel group and the Gulf Clan drug gang.

Colombia’s ELN rebels must halt attacks, restart talks: UN

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said that Colombia's ELN must take the initiative in normalizing the tumultuous situation in the country.