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Tag: Elon Musk

Musk: Tesla has a ‘decent shot’ at a record quarter on...

Musk soothes investor concerns by saying the electric vehicle maker has a shot at a record quarter.

NASA’s first SpaceX astronauts ready for ‘messy camping trip’ to space

The first SpaceX astronauts shrug off a spate of design and test mishaps, saying such setbacks were "part of the process".

Musk says Tesla likely to produce Model Y in California

Model Y production is expected to begin in late 2020 for North America, and in early 2021 for Europe and China.

SpaceX discloses US$1 billion raised after first satellite launch

Elon Musk's SpaceX discloses having raised more than US$1 billion in equity offerings during the last few months.

Musk’s SpaceX sues US Air Force over rocket-building contracts

A SpaceX spokesperson said the company sued to 'ensure a level playing field for competition.'

Tesla in ‘code red’ as sell-off after capital raise exceeds 20%

Tesla’s shares has plunged more than 20% and fallen back behind Ford Motor Co by market capitalisation.

SpaceX postpones Starlink satellite launch again, for ‘about a week’

SpaceX's latest launch has been postponed for a week due to weather conditions, in addition to necessary checks and software updates conducted by the Elon Musk-owned company.

Musk gets head start on Bezos launching SpaceX’s satellites

Elon Musk's SpaceX poised to launch orbital constellation which beams broadband to areas on Earth with limited access to the internet, a wager fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos is also betting on.

Trial date set for Elon Musk’s ‘pedo guy’ tweet

Vernon Unsworth claims he became a target for Tesla CEO Elon Musk after saying a mini-submarine offered for the cave rescue was a PR stunt.

Musk courts controversy with tweets on sex video filmed in Tesla

Musk send a series of tweets and loading a video of two people having sex in a Tesla operating on Autopilot.

US rejects Tesla’s bid for Model 3 ‘brain’ tariff exemption

Tesla has a separate pending tariff exclusion request for duties on the Chinese-made Model 3 Center Screen. 

Tesla seeks US$2.3 billion to fund expansion

Tesla's plan to issue shares and convertible debt comes after the company repeatedly pushed back forecasts for turning a profit.

Judge green lights Musk, SEC agreement over Twitter use

The new deal outlines which statements by Musk must be reviewed by Tesla's legal counsel.

Tesla’s Musk agrees to new vetting rules for tweets in SEC...

Elon Musk has agreed to submit his public statements about the company's finances and other topics and reach a deal to settle a dispute over his Tweet.

Tesla to raise more capital after big cash setback

A massive debt repayment, a record drop in deliveries all contributed to a poor first quarter for Tesla.

Musk boasts Tesla has `best chip in the world,’ drops Nvidia

Tesla switched over to its own chips and self-driving computer from Nvidia’s for the Model S and Model X about a month ago, and for the Model 3 about 10 days ago.

Tesla says robotaxis coming to US roads next year

"Probably two years from now we'll make a car with no steering wheels or pedals," Musk predicted.

Musk duels Panasonic in rare public battle with key supplier

Tesla's rift with Panasonic began with reports that expansion plans for a jointly operated battery plant are being tempered with.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX suffers capsule anomaly during Florida tests

SpaceX said its teams are investigating the cause of the anomaly, and are working closely with NASA partners.

Tesla board shakeup seen as `important step’ in governance

Director terms will be cut to two years from three, allowing shareholders to vote on the board’s performance with greater frequency.

Musk, SEC get another week to work out deal on Twitter...

Musk's lawyers have argued the tweet did not contain new information that was material to investors.

Musk tweets another Tesla forecast in midst of talks with SEC

Elon Musk wrote Sunday that Tesla will make more than 500,000 cars in the next 12 months.

Musk says Panasonic battery cell lines constraining Tesla output

Panasonic didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment outside normal business hours.

Tesla to stop selling US$35,000 Model 3 online

The shift was needed to "simplify our production operations to better optimize cost, minimize complexity and streamline operations," the company added.