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Tag: Emergency

Haze emergency to be declared when API exceeds 500

The National Disaster Management Agency says this situation has been declared three times before.

N-day honour for soldier who lost right leg to landmine

Policeman who killed 12 communist terrorists also receives an award from Sultan of Perak.

Sri Lanka extends emergency in surprise move

There is no immediate word from the government why Sirisena changed his mind, but security remains tight in the capital.

Sri Lanka to relax emergency in a month

Thus far, security forces have been successful in getting at all parties responsible for the April 21 bombings in Colombo.

Govt not declaring emergency in Pasir Gudang but is working as...

The deputy minister says the Johor government said it would be able to handle the situation on the ground and that there was no need for federal government intervention.

Declare emergency in Pasir Gudang, MP urges government

Hassan Karim says an emergency should be declared in his constituency following the toxic pollution at Sungai Kim Kim.

Bashir declares year-long state of emergency across Sudan

Protest organisers vowed to press on with their demonstrations until Bashir stepped down.

Legal challenges to Trump emergency declaration face uphill battle

The National Emergencies Act of 1976 has been invoked dozens of times by presidents without a single successful legal challenge.

Trump declares ’emergency’ to build wall, Democrats cry foul

The move is a clear-as-day message to Trump's right-wing base that he is trying to deliver on a key election promise.

50 years old and worried about retirement?

If you have overlooked saving for your retirement, don’t panic. It’s not too late as there's still a solid 10 years’ to carry out and fulfil a retirement plan.

When best to sell your shares

The worst time to liquidate your shares is when you are forced to sell, the sole reason why you must have enough emergency savings in place before investing.

Ousted Sri Lanka PM seeks emergency parliament session

Wickremesinghe sent a letter to Karu Jayasuriya seeking a reconvening of the assembly.

Why every woman needs an emergency fund

It’s money you tuck away for unexpected expenses. It’s a mark of maturity, as well as personal savvy, to realise that in everyone’s life difficult times come.

Anti-wasp covers caused Malaysia Airlines flight to return to airport, says...

Aircraft had to turn back to Brisbane airport after noticing air-speed indication failure caused by failure to remove covers on July 18.

Hurricane Lane menaces Hawaii even though storm has weakened

There were no reports of injuries, but at least 14 roads were closed because of flash floods and landslides in the Pacific island state.

Real history or propaganda? Fahmi challenges PH

Will textbooks be revised, asks activist who notes that a Form 3 History text has 10 pages on Umno and one wrong paragraph about leftist independence fighters PKMM.

Anti-wasp plastic covers caused Malaysia Airlines flight emergency

An Australian report says pre-flight inspection failure forced a Malaysia Airlines flight from Brisbane to Malaysia to return to Brisbane earlier this month.

Rihanna gets charitable with latest beauty launch

Rihanna is upping the ante with her latest beauty launch.

Bolivian President Morales has emergency surgery for tumor

Bolivian President Evo Morales has undergone an operation for a "small tumor" that was detected during a routine check-up.

7 travel tips everyone can benefit from

From learning all you can about your destination to staying safe and eating right, these travel tips are practical and useful for everyone going on a trip.

Turkey’s Erdogan, alliance partner agree to lift state of emergency

The state of emergency has been in place since after an attempted coup in July 2016 and has been extended every three months since then. Erdogan said this month it would be lifted if he won the June 24 elections.

Mount Fuji eruption could paralyse Tokyo, report says

Japan's iconic Mount Fuji could paralyse Tokyo with ash if it erupted, choking roads and halting water supplies, according to a government disaster planning study, a news report said Tuesday.

World’s hottest chilli pepper gives man ‘thunderclap’ headaches

It is the first reported case of a patient being diagnosed with a reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome (RCVS) after eating a chilli pepper.

UN deactivates maximum emergency level for DR Congo crisis

Despite the UN's downgrading, 13 million Congolese need humanitarian aid, and 7.7 million face severe food insecurity.