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China censures Emirates airline after two safety incidents

The airline were responsible for an April 17 incident in which an aircraft flew at a wrong height and another on May 18 when a plane temporarily lost contact with air traffic control.

Etihad, Qatar Airways beri penumpang pinjam komputer riba

Amerika Syarikat melarang peralatan elektronik lebih besar daripada telefon bimbit dibawa masuk ke pesawat bagi penerbangan terus ke AS dari 10 lapangan terbang di negara majoriti umat Islam.

Snake on a plane grounds Emirates flight

The animal was found before Sunday's flight from Dubai International, the airline said in a statement, adding that the aircraft was returned to service after being thoroughly searched.

Emirates Airlines gives thumbs up to Kuala Lumpur

Emirates Airlines country manager says Kuala Lumpur is well connected and that has helped the airline record an 11 per cent increase in passengers flying to KL last year.

Mueller to join Emirates, says report

Outgoing Malaysia Airlines Berhad CEO will join the Dubai-based airline as chief transformation officer, according to a German business magazine.

Don: Emirates deal good for MAS after cutting Europe routes

Although only London left after Feb 15, passengers have access to 38 destinations in codeshare deal, says Ahmad Rizal.

Pesawat MAS dilapor nyaris berlanggar di Pakistan

Kejadian dilaporkan berlaku ketika pesawat MAS itu dalam perjalanan menuju ke London manakala pesawat Kuwait Airlines menuju ke Islamabad.

MH370: ‘One of the great aviation mysteries’

Emirates airlines CEO says “It can't be left like that, never. We must know what caused that aeroplane to disappear.''

Positively unfair, this conduct

Indians themselves must take a part of the blame for the kind of treatment they face.