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Tag: emission

VW could face recall of more cars over emissions

The KBA has opened an investigation into whether a software update for 1.2-litre engine cars, including the popular Polo, enabled them to cheat emissions tests.

Australia to ditch climate targets bill after PM ousting

Morrison, who is to the right of Turnbull, said the proposal to help the government meet its Paris Agreement pledge was "dead."

VW fights investors as diesel scandal cost could top US$35 Billion

A court has scheduled a series of hearings starting on Sept. 10 in a case combining claims by some 4,000 shareholders demanding 9 billion euros in compensation.

Merkel balks at tighter EU climate goals as Germany faces crunch

Merkel said the EU would do better to meet existing emissions targets rather than set new ones.

Daimler halts supplies of some truck engines on emission issues

Daimler said it’s talking to the KBA about a function in the onboard diagnostics system that prevents overdosing of the AdBlue fluid in non-standard operating conditions, such as the use of biofuels.

UN shipping agency under pressure to tackle growing CO2 emissions

Shipping currently accounts for 2.2% of world CO2 emissions.

Volkswagen using more diesel, failing pollution tests after recalls

Volkwagen has admitted in 2015 to equipping about 11 million cars worldwide with "defeat devices", which emits up to 40 times the permissible levels of harmful nitrogen oxide during actual driving.