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Tag: emissions

Pasir Gudang factories ordered to monitor chimney emissions

Environment director says the equipment must be able to send data directly to the department.

Flight shaming won’t reduce emissions in Asia

Airlines and local governments will have to find other ways to mitigate the impact of air travel in Asia.

Daimler issues third profit warning in a year as risks mount

Global automakers are wrestling with increasing regulatory scrutiny and pressure on earnings amid record development expenses to roll out electric and self-driving vehicles.

Fraud probe targets top Porsche bosses

Five senior managers are being probed at the German sports car maker over "unjustified" and "disproportionately large" payments to a former works council leader.

VW Group responsible for over 2% of global emissions

Volkswagen must now reduce its emissions to avoid fines from the EU from 2020, which is set at €95 per gram above 95 g CO2/km, per car.

50% of transport pollution deaths linked to diesel, says study

The authors say their estimates are conservative as their study does not take into account all types of harmful emissions or pollution-linked diseases.

BMW cleared of ‘Dieselgate’ issues

It has been found the BMW Group didn't alter the emissions of their cars but made a technical mistake with emission standards applicable to 8,000 cars.

Ford probing possible problems with fuel economy, emissions tests

The automaker has been investigating concerns raised by employees that incorrect calculations were used to translate test results into the mileage and emissions data submitted to regulators.

Shell eyes limit to how clean oil output can be in...

Europe’s biggest oil company says it plans to reduce its net carbon footprint by half by 2050.

Doubletree KL goes out on a limb to save the environment

The aim is to eliminate the procurement of endangered species identified by the WWF and make dining a more environmentally-friendly endeavour.

Fiat Chrysler to pay more than US$700 million over US diesel...

Fiat Chrysler has denied any wrongdoing and previously said there was never an attempt to create software to cheat emissions rules.

VW says diesel scandal cleanup to cost 2 billion euro in...

In 2020 Volkswagen Group will see costs of about 1 billion euros related to emissions cheating.

EU agrees to cut emissions from new cars by 37% by...

The automobile industry meanwhile had strongly rallied against the move warning that it could affect jobs.

Automakers lose policy clout in EU as tougher emission caps loom

The bloc will likely ignore pleas regarding the next set of proposed reduction targets.

Former Volkswagen boss dragged feet on ‘dieselgate’ – judge

The company has argued it did not inform investors of the issue because it did not want to endanger the chance of reaching a settlement with the US authorities.

Should your workplace ban meat?

Environmentalists say livestock farming is a major contributor to global warming.

China carbon emissions in retreat after ‘structural break’ in economy, study...

Structural economic changes have allowed China to meet emission targets earlier than expected.

Dutch unveil ambitious law to cut greenhouse gases

The new law is supported by most of the Netherlands' political parties. (AFP pic)

US leaks 60% more methane than government says, according to study

US industry emits some 13 million metric tons of methane each year.

UPS to spend US$130 million on new natural gas vehicles, fuelling...

The money will be spent of 730 CNG vehicles and five fuelling stations.

Dutch government appeals landmark greenhouse gases ruling

The ruling promoted by Urgenda required the Dutch government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% over 1990 levels by 2020.

Tourism nearly a tenth of global CO2 emissions

The tourism industry's carbon footprint has been expanding rapidly.

Saskatchewan goes to court to fight Canada carbon tax

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said that the Canadian government's imposition of a carbon tax on Saskatchewan violates the Canadian constitution.

Huge disruptions coming with 2020 low-sulfur shipping rule, IEA says

New rules on emissions drastically cut the amount of sulfur that the world’s ships can emit.