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France Minister supports granting asylum to Snowden

French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet says she supports granting asylum to Edward Snowden in France.

US ready to fight Amazon fires in cooperation with Brazil

On Monday, the countries of the G7 pledged US$20 million (€18 million) to tackle blazes engulfing parts of the world's largest rainforest .

Brazilians support Bolsonaro after Macron’s ‘offence’, says foreign minister

Jair Bolsonaro waded into a particularly nasty spat with Macron, who led criticisms of Brazil's environmental practices at the recent Group of Seven wealthy nations summit.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro open to G7 aid if Macron ‘withdraws insults’

To talk or accept anything from France, with the best possible intentions, he (Macron) must withdraw the insults he made against me, says Bolsonaro

Macron slams Bolsonaro after insults about wife

Emmanuel Macron says Jair Bolsonaro’s rude comments about his wife is sad for the Brazilian and his citizens.

G7 to help nations hit by Amazon fires, says Macron

Ahead of the gathering, French President Emmanuel Macron called on world leaders to hold urgent talks on the wildfires.

Trump dampens Macron optimism on Iran talks

EU leaders have struggled to tamp down the brewing confrontation between Iran and the US since President Donald Trump pulled his country out of Iran's 2015 nuclear deal.

UK’s Johnson ‘very worried’ about trade tensions, tariff hikes

The question of tariffs is of particular concern for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he prepares to lead Britain out of the EU with the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Trump, EU clash over trade at G7 opening

US President Donald Trump flew into Biarritz after promising to impose punishing tariffs on French wine imports if French President Emmanuel Macron doesn't withdraw a tax on US tech giants.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro authorises army to help fight Amazon fires

Criticism from the international arena over Brazil's poor handling of the Amazon fires prompts President Bolsonaro to deploy armed forces to combat raging fires.

France warns ‘no deal’ Brexit becoming ‘most likely’

France does not expect UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek an extension to the current deadline for Brexit, according to officials.

UK’s Johnson tells Germany and France to do a Brexit deal

UK lawmakers are already fretting that they do not have enough time to stop a no-deal Brexit, and they have yet to agree on a unified approach, which badly damages their chances of success.

Macron, Rouhani hold talks over Iran-US tensions

'It is France's role to make every effort to ensure that all parties agree to a break and open negotiations,' says the French presidency.

Macron discussed need for broad digital tax deal with Trump

Emmanuel Macron emphasises the need to move towards a universal taxation of digital activities stating a common interest between France and America.

Macron to discuss Brexit with Britain’s Johnson in coming weeks

French President Emmanuel Macron's talks with British PM Boris Johnson will be in regard to the demands of the EU about Brexit.

Paris clashes follow Macron’s military parade

Angela Merkel alongside Mark Rutte are part of the Bastille Day parade which has turned into violent clashes between police and protestors.

France’s Macron announces creation of a new space force command

France's declared interest in boosting its military readiness in space follows increased spending and interest in the area by the United States, China and Russia.

France launches new nuclear-powered attack submarine

The 'Suffren' is set to become a frontrunner for a new line of Barracuda attack-class vessels in ensuring French naval superiority.

Iran welcomes French efforts to save nuclear deal

France’s efforts to save the 2015 nuclear deal are welcomed by Iran.

Macron and Trump: ‘Frenemies’ in open disagreement

As France's Emmanuel Macron and US's Donald Trump prepare to hold talks on the sidelines of D-Day commemorations, French diplomats are hoping for a smoother run.

France’s Macron accepts ‘bad guy’ role in Brexit talks

French President Emmanuel Macron fully accepts his "bad guy" role in insisting on a shorter extension to Britain's tortuous exit from the EU, while insisting that October 31 is the "final, final deadline."

Emmanuel Macron group leads in EU election poll

Emmanuel Macron's Republic on the Move is leading rival lMarine Le Pen’s National Rally party ahead of the European elections at the end of the month.

French police clash with yellow vests protesters in Strasbourg

The 'Yellow Vests' protestors are back in the streets after French President Emmanuel Macron drafted policy proposals including tax cuts worth around 5 billion euros (US$5.58 billion.)

Macron and Merkel: A relationship on the rocks?

With the impending European elections, Merkel and Macron's risk straining their ties as they both have different political priorities.