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Tag: Emmanuele Macron

Controversial novelist Houellebecq picks up France’s top honour

Macron said Houellebecq's novels were not pessimistic but full of hope in a society whose pillars, like culture and religion, had become fragile.

May to meet Merkel, Macron ahead of crucial Brexit summit

Britain will fall out of the European Union without a deal on Friday if no delay agreement is reached.

French government urges unity in face of mass protests

Fuel shortages due to blockades remain a problem in areas of Brittany, Normandy and southeast regions of France.

France to close 14 nuclear reactors by 2035

Macron also announced that France would close its remaining four coal-fired power plants by 2022 as part of the country's anti-pollution efforts.

French govt spokesman slams Trump’s lack of ‘common decency’

One of Macron's advisors on Tuesday dismissed the tweets as written for Americans and said that relations between Trump and Macron were not always easy but are enduring.

Trump criticises Macron again over European defence remarks

Macron said the two leaders had spoken about what his office has portrayed as a misunderstanding.

Trump to snub Macron’s ‘Peace Forum’ on Armistice weekend

Macron has been an outspoken critic of Trump's America First policies and his decisions to pull out of the Paris climate accord, the Iran nuclear deal and most recently a nuclear arms treaty.

Macron plan to pay WW1 tribute to Nazi collaborator Petain stirs...

Macron's plan to honour Petain with seven other French World War One marshals has unleashed criticism from Jewish groups, political opponents and on social media.

Move on joint budget to save eurozone, France urges Germany

As well as the common budget, Merkel and Macron called in the summer for business tax alignment around the EU and a new levy on internet giants.