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Tag: emoji

Australia will soon have emoji licence plates

A Queensland firm has announced that from March drivers can add smiling, winking, laughing out loud, heart-eyed and sunglasses emoji to their plates.

With no transgender emoji, #ClawsOutForTrans hijacks the new lobster icon

British activist, Craggs said lobsters are well suited to represent a community that does not adhere to strict gender norms because they can contain both male and female characteristics.

Apple cadang 13 emoji OKU

Emoji yang dikemukakan menggunakan simbol kerusi roda, orang bertongkat, anjing pemandu, alat bantu pendengaran dan tangan palsu, antaranya

Smiley faces to rolling eyes: Where do all those emojis come...

From smiley faces to thumbs up, there are now some 2,600 different emojis worldwide and, according to a July Facebook Inc report, more than 60 million a day are sent on the No. 1 social media network alone.

Chinese censors scrub emoji tributes to Nobel winner

A search for news of his death on Chinese search engine Baidu turned up no results and China's Twitter-like Weibo blocked the use of his name and initials "LXB".

Emoji haid elak pemikiran ‘taboo’

Emoji itu menggambarkan perasaan seperti senggugut, berangin, emosi tidak selesa, emosi yang tidak dapat dikawal dan emoji makanan yang memberi keselesaan sewaktu haid.

The little emoji glossary

From the 176 original designs initially, there are now a staggering 1,800 and counting.

Emojis are being tracked and analyzed?

Advertisers can now target Twitter users based on emojis.