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We can’t accept it, says mum of dead Indonesian maid Adelina

Yohanna Banunaek says she was shocked by acquittal of Adelina's employer of murder charge.

Maid abuse? Many Malaysians simply do not care

Employers act as if they own the maids and the ‘don't care’ attitude is present in the individual right up to the crony who runs the agency and the heads of enforcement in the various government departments.

EIS: Safety net or unnecessary cost, asks MEF

The Malaysian Employers Federation raises concerns over how the EIS was pushed through and its implications on Malaysia as an investment destination.

Tenaganita: Recognise maids as employees

Human rights NGO says as long as there's no protection mechanism, domestic helpers will run away.

We’ll convince Mahathir on minimum wage policy, says Wong Chen

PKR's Wong Chen explains Pakatan Harapan's stand on the minimum wage, while the Malaysian Employers Federation and the MTUC weigh in on the policy's relevance today.

Bosses-staff not on same page in most aspects of work

Study by recruitment firm shows that while employees see work-life balance and career progression as top priorities, employers give low importance to these.

Online recruitment activity declines in March

Monster.com says retail sector continues to fare badly compared with other job sectors.

Reconsider Employment Insurance Scheme, Putrajaya urged

Malaysian Association of Hotels says insurance scheme makes responsible employers pay for 'sins' of errant employers.

Indonesian maid nabbed for murder of employer

Police say the 59-year-old victim was found with two stab wounds to the head, slash marks on the face, and a knife embedded in her abdomen.

Police nab man who allegedly tortured staff

The 36-year-old suspect who operates a car air freshener business, tested positive for drugs and will be remanded until Jan 18.

MEF: Concern whether Myanmar will order workers home

Government may have to introduce tax incentives to encourage more women and retirees to take their places if need be, says MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan.

Petronas most preferred employer – for second year running

Benefits, incentives and salary main reasons, says survey by JobStreet.

Man denies beating, taking video of workers in the nude

Nikkie Tan, in a video uploaded on Facebook, says he will be making a police report against the three women employees for slandering him and says he has CCTV footage to prove his innocence.

Couple may be charged with housing Indonesian maid

Maid, who abducted couple’s dyslexic child, will undergo bone test to determine her age.

Archived: Employers being punished for ‘runaway’ foreign workers

Tawau: Some of the procedures to hire foreign workers in Sabah is classified and this has led to some government officers and...