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Match courses with jobs to reduce jobless grads, says TalentCorp

TalentCorp manager of industry partnerships Noor Asmaliza Romlee says these shortages are being filled by foreign experts.

Making TVET main choice proving a challenge, says Maszlee

The education minister says TVET should be students’ first choice of career and education.

Raising retirement age will have serious financial implications, say employers

The Malaysian Employers Federation says a re-employment scheme similar to Singapore's might be useful.

Malaysia ill-prepared for IR 4.0, employers group agrees

The Malaysian Employers Federation says students at all levels must be equipped with proper technology and IT knowledge if the nation wants to compete successfully.

Allowing refugees to work legally will boost economy say employers’ body,...

MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan says it will be much cheaper than bringing in foreign workers while an economist says they will be able to add to the GDP if allowed to work legally.

Families of workers killed, injured not getting compensation, says union

Government told to take responsibility for fair treatment of all migrant workers.

Work-related stress: Are you a victim?

If you have too many blue days or start to freak out at the thought of going to work, you may be suffering from work-related stress.

Employers upbeat on business outlook, salary increases, says recruitment firm

Nearly half of Malaysian employers expect staff salaries to increase by above 3% but less than 6% in 2019, says the Hays report.

Doing away with highly-skilled expats will hit us badly, say employers

They point out that out of the half million unemployed locals, 200,000 of them graduates, most don’t have the required technical skills.

Employers to pay less to EPF for workers above 60

Employees' contribution reduced to zero to enable them to increase their take-home pay, says the pension fund.

HRDF cracks whip on unregistered employers

The authorities say although the offence has already been committed, going to court is a last resort.

Feckless youngsters are not good prospects for our jobs, say employers

Fresh graduates are unable to secure jobs because they are “too fussy, lazy, or rich,” not because of job shortages

Kula: Yes, PTPTN can make deductions from your salaries

Minister says employers on their own cannot deduct salaries without permission from workers but PTPTN can order them to do so.

Ex-convicts welcome tax cuts for employers who hire them

However, Terengganu Exco says religion plays important role in truly reforming former convicts and ensuring they stay committed to their jobs.

Minimum wage increase: Employers unhappy, workers give thumbs up

While the MEF criticises the government for being inconsistent over the minimum wage rate, the MTUC welcomes the rate hike, even if it is only RM50 above the earlier announced rate.

MTUC: Decision on RM10,000 levy big relief for migrant workers

The trade union says employers must have the foresight to train or retrain local workers in the best interests of the nation, instead of depending on foreigners.

MEF regrets Putrajaya’s flip-flop on foreign workers levy

Its executive director Shamsuddin Bardan says there will be a meeting with other industry players where they hope to reach a consensus on the issue.

Government back-pedals on foreign workers levy

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says employers will pay the entire RM10,000 levy as originally the case instead of only 20% following a report that the workers cannot afford to pay the remaining 80%.

Foreign workers to pay 80% of RM10,000 levy, says Guan Eng

The government is expected to collect RM1 billion in three years.

Alcohol poisoning: Employers told to monitor foreign workers

Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran says foreign workers often opt for cheap liquor which puts them at risk of becoming victims of alcohol poisoning.

‘Thanks’ for the new minimum wage, PH

Trade union liberty was curtailed during the 'Mahathir 1.0' era, and his second tenure as prime minister could well see the start of a 'Mahathir 2.0' era.

Why minimum wage is crucial for Malaysians

Workers need a realistic minimum wage due to their weak bargaining position and lack of unionisation.

Khairy: New minimum wage favours employers

Rembau MP says amount should be at least RM1,200 monthly.

Graduates must hone their soft skills if they want jobs

While many are equipped with hard skills gained from their studies, they may lack soft skills such as language and communication.