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Markets drive Germany’s exit from coal much harder than the Chancellor

Cheap natural gas, the rising cost of permits to emit carbon dioxide and high renewable energy output have put utilities off burning the fossil fuel so far this year.

Will electric vehicles cause a dip in oil prices by 2020?

To those driving full-electric cars today, you may be changing the world for the better and the worse. Read on to find out why.

Second richest man in Thailand sees worth jump US$1.7 bln

Sarath Ratanavadi’s net worth rose to US$6.3 billion after a 28% rally in Gulf Energy in the past three months.

Rylance quits Royal Shakespeare Company over BP sponsorship

Rylance has been with the RSC for three decades but has decided to end his partnership because of its partnership with BP.

New York takes aim at skyscrapers’ sky-high energy usage

Traditional skyscrapers are an energy-saver's nightmare, with their vast glass facades, electric lighting, generous use of air conditioning and heating.

Sarawak looks to hydrogen export to boost economy

Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg says the state has enough resources to generate the fuel.

California confirms deadly fire was caused by power lines

Cal Fire says very dry vegetation, strong winds, high temperatures and low humidity fuelled the fire and caused 'extreme rates of spread'.

Saudi Aramco looking for investors ahead of billion dollar bond

International demand for Aramco's bonds is expected to be hefty.

Sri Lanka seeks divine help to end power crisis

Some businesses were hoarding fuel for generators, fearing the power outage would not improve.

2018 spike in energy demand spells climate trouble

Global coal consumption in 2018 rose only in Asia, especially China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Gushing profits for oil majors on crude price

The five "supermajors" earned nearly US$80 billion in net profits last year.

IEA: Saudis cut, Russians hiked output ahead of pact

Russia's oil production has boosted in output while Saudi Arabia aims to protect its price aspirations with production cuts.

ABB, Hitachi said to near US$11 billion deal for power grids

The Swiss engineering giant and the Japanese conglomerate are scheduled to announce the transaction as early as Monday.

The Saudis just can’t seem to become the Saudi Arabia of...

The Saudis’ commitment to renewable energy has wavered, says Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency.

Grim tidings from science on climate change

Scientists monitoring the Earth's climate and environment have delivered a cascade of grim news this year.

Alarm sounded, nations urged to act at UN climate talks

Nations must agree to a rulebook palatable to all 183 states who have ratified the Paris deal.

Simple money saving habits to protect Mother Earth

There are so many way to be environmentally friendly and it all starts with three words: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Real-time feedback makes hotel guests slash shower power

Authors of the study, published in Nature Energy, predicted based on user behaviour that the new meters would save enough energy to pay for themselves within two years.

Energy firms dive with oil in Asia, most regional markets retreat

Saudi Arabia's output cut announcement this week fuelled an initial surge in the crude market before a Donald Trump tweet calling for it to keep prices low sent the commodity plunging.

Sabah to study impact of using coal as energy source

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Christina Liew says the study will look into the impact on the environment and tourism sector.

Lynas operations satisfy all criteria, say officials

Officials from various departments present positive findings to executive committee set up last October to review LAMP's operations in Pahang.

Suspended Gaza fuel deal shreds tough diplomatic efforts

Lieberman said the shipments of fuel and gas to Gaza would only resume if there was a total cessation of violence.

9 habits every family needs to save money

Cutting corners can be fun if you do it together as a family and have a simple strategy everyone can understand and participate in.

UN report confronts nations with tough choices on climate

A crescendo of deadly heatwaves, floods, wildfires and superstorms engorged by rising seas has convinced scientists that the danger cursor needed to be reset.