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Tag: enforcement

LGE: Hadi attacked Penang to cover up PAS’ failures in Kelantan

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says Hadi’s accusation untrue as his government has increased funds for Muslim welfare by 100% compared with that during the time of the BN administration.

Cars clamped because compounds ignored, says DBKL

Enforcement director Mustafa Mohd Nor says 1.4 million traffic compounds are issued yearly but no one bothers to pay up.

MP offers to help Kaffa cafe owner over enforcement action

DAP MP Ng Wei Aik says many have gone to him with complaints about enforcement action against them

Emergency lane hogs get in the way, again

Road safety expert says motorists keep misusing the emergency lane and getting in the way of ambulances and fire engines because they feel they can get away with it.

Female MBSA officers may be teamed with male colleagues

More self defence training will also be given to female enforcement officers so they are better equipped to deal with physical harassment.

Police raids on gambling dens foiled by leaks, says Integrity Commission

Police wants City Hall to pull its weight to fight the gambling scourge in the city.

Public’s generosity causing increase in beggar population

Despite efforts by enforcement agencies it has been difficult to curb the beggar issue, especially in the capital, because of the public’s lackadaisical attitude towards them.

Devil is in the detail of SPAD’s taxi transformation plan

Public transport consumer group concerned over the lack of details, especially on its implementation and enforcement.

Conflict in jurisdiction harming wildlife, says expert

State governments are forced to exploit their land resources for revenue as a result of problems over jurisdiction with Federal Government.

MCMC to work with Telegram to block porn websites

Salleh Keruak says MCMC will work with other enforcement agencies to identify those who have uploaded or shared pornographic content and take appropriate action against them.

‘Tonto’ syndicates raking in big bucks

Seven syndicates providing protection to illegal lorries making up to RM5 million a month.