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Not true PT3 English paper leaked, says ministry

The education authorities say claims that the candidates will have to resit the paper on Oct 10 are false.

Young women aspire to be leaders, care for others

Participants at the National Women's Empowerment Camp determined to lead fulfilling lives.

We need G.A.S, not flip-flops in the teaching of Science and...

In the teaching of Science and Maths, it is best to allow the various communities to have a democratic choice and not force the schools to teach these subjects in English.

PPSMI good but ensure past mistakes not repeated, says NUTP

The union says Putrajaya must prepare properly before bringing back the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English programme, a sentiment shared by two others in the education field.

2,687 picked to teach Science, Maths in English in Sarawak

The state education minister says training for the teachers will begin by September.

No issue with teaching Science, Maths in English in rural areas,...

Michael Manyin says about 90% of villagers in Sarawak can understand and speak English.

Don’t blame us for students’ poor grasp of English, say Sabah,...

Teachers' unions from both states want to meet Education Minister Maszlee Malik over the issue and clear confusion over MUET exam.

Teaching of science, maths in English to start with primary 1...

State education minister says the two subjects will be taught in English at 891 primary schools except in Chinese primary schools.

It’s not hard, it’s Englishjer

Uppre has a Q&A with founder and creative head of Englishjer, a youth collective focusing on building a better ecosystem of learning English.

PT3 English papers to follow European standard from this year

This will be followed by SPM in 2021 and USPR in 2022.

Maszlee agrees more English teachers needed

Education Minister says serving teachers are being trained to do better, while more teachers are being sought.

Raise English standards among rural pupils first, says expert

Teachers must have good command of the language and apply the right approach for Science and Mathematics in English.

Move English teachers to where they’re needed, says group

Putrajaya also urged to enforce teaching of mathematics and science in English and to provide an extra allowance.

Maths, Science to be taught in English in Sarawak primary schools

Education Minister Mazslee Malik says the state will also help train teachers.

Govt taking middle approach to teaching science, mathematics, says PM

Schools can choose whether to teach science and mathematics in Malay or English but government is studying how to standardise this, says Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Bad english? No, it’s just not your English

The market for English in education is predicted to grow by 17% a year to reach US$22 billion in 2024, thanks to high demand in Asia.

Don laments neglect of Malay as an academic language

Syed Farid al-Attas also says it's better for schools to teach English only as a subject but to do it well.

In Terengganu, Dr M emphasises importance of English

The prime minister urges educators to prioritise the teaching of English as it is the language of science and technology.

Ministry getting more details on student’s suit against absent teacher

Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching says if the 18-year-old girl's claims are true, it is 'disappointing'.

Mid-term review calls for greater automation, less foreign workers

The government plans to enhance automation and regulate stringently the number of foreign workers while also amending the Employment Act 1955.

PAGE: Education budget should focus on life skills, language proficiency

The parents group says English tutors should be introduced in high-need schools as a measure to improve students' proficiency in the language.

Why the shift from Malay to English at the higher education...

English is an international language that can be globally understood in academic circles.

Johor exco: Councillor’s letter was also in Malay

Tan Hong Pin says only Chinese and English letters from Iskandar Puteri city councillor were spread on social media.

PM mocks PAS when asked if he’d told cops to use...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says there are times when the Arabic language is used so that people who listen do not understand.