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Tag: environment

RM60 mil for environment protection good but give us details, say...

Environmentalists want to know how the additional federal allocation will be used and whether states will stop relying on logging for income.

Britain sets deadline for carbon neutrality by 2050

Britain's top advisory body on climate change this year says the target could be achieved within a budget of 1-2% of gross domestic product by 2050.

Penang Hill’s unique but forgotten Moniot trail

The trail, which cuts through virgin jungle, was opened in 1825.

Work with local councils on environmental issues, activists urge DoE

They say this would cut costs and more efficiently channel expertise.

Higher penalties needed on plastic waste, says activist

Faizal Parish says the volume being imported is potentially more than that generated locally.

Aussie firm drops Lynas takeover bid, says report

Wesfarmers conglomerate said to have walked away from the A$1.5 billion takeover after Lynas share prices soared.

Florida air conditioning pioneer first dismissed as a crank

Gorrie was once described by a New York Globe writer as a crank 'who thinks he can make ice by his machine as good as God Almighty.'

We do not ‘use’ children, say climate change NGOs

City councillor gets criticised for alleging that activists were exploiting school children at protest demonstration.

Stinky seaweed threatens Mexico’s pristine beaches

Sargassum is a thick seaweed which has turn the crystalline water brown and fills the air with the smell of rotten-egg.

Balance environmental and wildlife protection with economy, says expert

Rafiq Idris says equal attention should be paid to protecting the environment and wildlife and boosting the economy of Sabah.

Last rhino’s autopsy reveals Tam suffered from kidney failure

The rhino had been shot in the leg and neck before his 2008 capture but the pellets are unlikely to have contributed to his ill health.

KK City Hall struggles with trash on beaches

Items thrown into drains pour into the Likas river mouth, make their way into the sea and are washed ashore during high tide.

Iraqis turn to budding ecotourism to save marshes

Straddling Iraq's famous Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the Mesopotamian marshes are a rare aquatic ecosystem in a country nearly half of which is covered in cracked desert.

‘.Amazon’ gives e-commerce giant its own internet domain

Brazil is not in favour of the move saying its inseparable semantic relation to the Amazon forest, that domain should not be the monopoly of a company.

Adieu, white knight of the consumer and the poor

CAP president SM Mohd Idris wanted Malaysians to be more aware consumers and led the way by living a simple, nature-loving life.

Fuziah: Lynas must solve waste problem first

Leaving Malaysia does not mean they don't have to settle the problem of a large amount of waste here, she says.

Life goes on under cloud of smog in Mexico City

Mexico City is prone to air pollution, both because of the mountains that surround it – trapping smog overhead – and its more than five million cars.

415.26 parts per million: CO2 levels hit historic high

The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, which has tracked atmospheric CO2 levels since the late 1950s, detected 415.26 parts per million (ppm).

DBKL broke promise, developer encroaching into our area, say Jalan Abdullah...

Jalan Abdullah folk ask what happened to the KL mayor's promise that there will be no more development on Federal Hill without engagement with residents.

Unhappy with Warisan’s lack of action on the environment

The Sabah Environmental Protection Association says one of the factors that led to a change in government last year was the pledges made to do away with unsustainable projects by the previous Barisan Nasional administration.

Crowdfunding brings life-saving water to Myanmar’s deer

Donations poured in from as far away as Yangon, Mandalay and Shan state in the northeast.

Cyprus’s emblematic wild sheep lock horns with mountain farmers

The mouflon is a national symbol of Cyprus, but they have been creeping east into the agricultural villages and damaged farmers' crops.

Xavier: Former Johor govt to blame for resort on protected land

Investigations revealed that 'nobody else' but the former state government was responsible, says the land and resources minister.

Some options for solid waste management

A sorting and biogas plant would be more cost-effective and efficient than landfills or incinerators.