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EPF buys UK Sports Direct complex for RM640 mil – report

On completion of the deal, Sports Direct will lease the property for 15 years, says the Sunday Times.

Solving PTPTN is not rocket science

Here are 5 ways to solve the PTPTN problem.

Is using EPF contributions a solution to owning a home?

If the property options are good - features, size and location - this should be considered as a good piece of property is always a good hedge against inflation.

Survey finds EPF guide doesn’t reflect real cost of living

It finds that single adults are spending RM1,100 monthly on housing while the recommended budget in guide is only RM300.

EPF’s 6.15% dividend for 2018 is a great achievement

Although there are mixed reactions, the dividend is good considering how tough a year 2018 was.

RM117.5 billion outsourced to external fund managers, says EPF

This is a 2.62% increase from RM114.56 billion in 2017.

Should you make EPF withdrawals for unit trust investing?

Unless investors can find a fund performing better than the Employees Provident Fund or fixed deposits, it is better to retain the funds in their EPF accounts.

PNB, EPF complete acquisition of Battersea Power Station’s commercial assets

The acquisition by the two government-linked companies costs RM8.51 billion.

Changes in EPF, Socso schemes on the way to boost financial...

EPF and Socso are preparing a blueprint amid concerns that savings are not enough for retirees.

AirAsia meets with EPF, open to meeting MAHB

Tony Fernandes says AirAsia is only seeking appreciation for its low-cost model.

We’re in touch with EPF, MAHB says amid AirAsia spat

MAHB says it is also embarking on several major initiatives for KLIA which are expected to increase capacity and efficiency for growth.

A million new homes won’t solve housing woes of B40, M40,...

See Kok Loong says low residual income is the key reason for low home ownership.

EPF still waiting for MAHB’s response on AirAsia spat

It says only AirAsia has responded to the letter of concern and set a date for a meeting to discuss the matter.

40% of EPF’s 2018 income came from overseas

CEO Tunku Alizakri Alias attributes better returns to higher growth rate in overseas market.

EPF declares 6.15% dividend for conventional savings, 5.9% for shariah

It says this was despite 2018 being a difficult year, marked by volatility and a downward trend in global markets.

Top 5 sources for scholarships and financial aid

Consider using a combination of sources to cover your needs i.e. a scholarship and part-time work or a student loan and scholarship to cover all your needs.

Come clean on MRB land sale, anti-graft group tells EPF

C4 says it is untenable for EPF to be involved in questionable transactions and business deals.

Stop pussyfooting, MRB chief tells Najib in tit-for-tat over land sale

Sankara Nair says the former PM has yet to answer his questions on the sale of land to EPF at an extra RM800 million.

EPF says no knowledge of arrangements between MRB and ATNB on...

The fund says it will not comment further on the matter as it is being probed by the auditor-general.

Employers to pay less to EPF for workers above 60

Employees' contribution reduced to zero to enable them to increase their take-home pay, says the pension fund.

Why not ask Guan Eng to explain land purchase, Najib tells...

The former prime minister continues to defend the land sale, saying the EPF generated huge profits after purchasing the land for RM2.28 billion.

Sungai Buloh land purchase at fair market value, says EPF

The EPF says it has no knowledge of any subsequent arrangements between the Malaysian Rubber Board and Aset Tanah Nasional Bhd.

MRCB gets RM1.07 bil from EPF for Bukit Jalil Sentral project

The 31ha land will be developed over the course of 20 years, ensuring a sustainable pipeline of construction contracts for the group in the long term.

Total investment income for EPF up 12.82% to RM14.61 billion in...

This is against RM12.95 billion recorded during the same period last year.