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Turkey’s Erdogan calls for annulment of Istanbul election

A senior AKP official said on Tuesday it would demand a new vote in Istanbul after its bid was rejected for a citywide recount of the March 31 election results.

Election council rejects Erdogan’s party demand for full Istanbul recount

Pleas for an electoral recount by Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan was rejected by the Supreme Electoral Council. Claims of electoral irregularities had surfaced.

Turkey detains dozens more over alleged coup ties

To date, tens of thousands have been taken into custody by the Turkish government for their role in the 2016 attempted coup.

Turkish election board rules in favour of partial Istanbul recount

High Election Board head says recount of invalid votes should go ahead in eight Istanbul districts, including some AK Party strongholds.

Erdogan party appeals Istanbul, Ankara results after Turkey vote

While Erdogan's party won more than 50% votes, a defeat in Turkey's capital and economic hub is a blow to AKP.

Erdogan remarks on NZ massacre taken ‘out of context’

On the campaign trail, the Turkish leader has showed the video footage of the terror attack and said the massacre intended to target Turkey and Islam.

Erdogan: Christchurch gunman targeted Turkey

Majority Muslim Turkey straddles Europe and Asia, its Asian section known as Anatolia.

Erdogan says New Zealand attack shows growing hostility to Islam

The Turkish leader, who often criticises Islamophobic attitudes, called for the West to act to prevent similar attacks.

Turkey slams Israeli PM Netanyahu’s ‘blatant racism’

Netanyahu has been accused by critics of demonising Israeli Arabs, who make up some 17.5% of the population.

Erdogan tuduh perarakan wanita tidak menghormati Islam

Wanita yang berarak sempena Hari Wanita Sedunia menafikan tuduhan presiden Turki, mengatakan ia bukan ditujukan kepada azan.

Erdogan lambasts Brussels over EU-Arab summit

Erdogan condemned the EU after they accepted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's summit invitation.

Turkey prosecutor seeks Interpol red notice for NBA star Kanter

Earlier this month, Kanter refused to make the NBA team's trip to the UK over fears he might be murdered by Turkish spies.

Turkey urges US to honour partnership

Relations between Turkey and US have been strained over US-backed Kurdish YPG.

Syrian surprise: How Trump’s phone call changed the war

Trump's decision was also a shock in Washington, resulting in the resignations of Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis and Brett McGurk.

Erdogan, Trump agreed to avoid power vacuum in Syria, says Turkish...

The two men also agreed that trade was below the desired level between the US and Turkey, and should be increased.

One of Khashoggi killers said ‘I know how to cut’ on...

Erdogan also slams Riyadh for its changing account of how Khashoggi was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct.2.

Erdogan takes Saudi prince to task, demands extraditions

Saudi Arabia has said that 21 people are in custody and vowed to keep probing the killing of Khashoggi.

Turkey, Saudi leaders could meet for first time since Khashoggi murder

Such a meeting would be the first face-to-face encounter between Erdogan and the crown prince since the killing that has tainted the image of both the kingdom and its de facto ruler.

Erdogan takes aim at Soros over jailed Turkish philanthropist

Erdogan suggested Soros had backed the Turkish financier and philanthropist Osman Kavala who organised civil society events and has been in prison for the last year awaiting trial.

Erdogan rejects European court’s ‘non-binding’ ruling over Kurdish leader

Demirtas, a former co-chief of the leftist pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), has been imprisoned since November 2016 over alleged links to Kurdish militants.

Trump says not considering extraditing Erdogan foe

Trump says extradition of Fethullah Gulen, US-based Muslim cleric, to Turkey is not under consideration.

Erdogan, Trump agree no ‘cover-up’ of Khashoggi murder should be allowed

Dozens of people paid homage to Khashoggi at a symbolic funeral in Istanbul.

AS pertimbang usir musuh Erdogan, cuba kawal perkelahian Turki-Saudi

Sumber memberitahu pentadbiran Donald Trump meminta agensi penguatkuasaan undang-undang mengkaji cara mengusir agamawan Fethullah Gulen secara sah.

Erdogan: Khashoggi recordings ‘appalling’, shocked Saudi intelligence

Our intelligence organisation did not hide anything - we played the recordings to all who wanted them including the Saudis, the USA, France, Canada, Germany, Britain.