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Tag: erectile dysfunction

Are things looking up for erectile dysfunction?

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction. do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Erectile dysfunction: Treatments that work wonders

Besides counselling and medication, there are vacuum devices and surgery that can solve the worrying issue of ED in men.

Hard times for Malaysian men as ED shows up earlier

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is affecting more young Malaysian men.

Researchers identify erectile dysfunction gene

50% of men do not respond to erectile dysfunction treatments currently available.

Can’t get it on in bed? Here’s possibly why…

Insomnia, chronic pain, depression and diabetes are just some of the conditions that can wreak havoc on your sex life.

Clinical hypnosis and the erectile dysfunctional male

Clinical hypnosis works on the conscious and unconscious mind, removing negative thoughts and images that cause the problem.

Coffee product with Tongkat Ali recalled in the US

The instant coffee which is said to contain three herbs has been voluntarily recalled by its distributor following the reported death of a consumer.

Chronic gum disease tied to risk of erectile dysfunction

The condition has been tied to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and general inflammation, which in turn have been tied stroke and hardening of the arteries.

Herbal coffee claims to keep one stiff for days on end

The makers of Stiff Bull Herbal Coffee promise improved sexual health, libido and overall wellness that lasts for days.

Erectile dysfunction ‘downs’ millions of M’sian men

Leading clinical andrologist says as many as three million Malaysian men, including those in their late 20s, could be afflicted with the condition.

Shock treatment may improve erectile dysfunction

While the long-term risks and benefits of shock treatment are still unknown, the therapy may offer an alternative to men who can’t take Viagra or didn’t get the results they wanted from a pill.

Men with psoriasis may be more prone to erectile dysfunction

Men with psoriasis were significantly more likely to report severe erectile dysfunction, while the men without the condition were much more apt to describe milder difficulties.