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Problematic public assembly provisions remain, says activist

Malaysian Representative to the Asean Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights Eric Paulsen says it is timely and mature of the government to de-link the right to protest with public disorder.

Mansuh sahaja Akta Hasutan, tak perlu ganti, kata peguam

Walaupun kebebasan bersuara tidak mutlak, namun aras ambangnya juga seharusnya tinggi.

Just abolish Sedition Act, no need for replacement, says legal fraternity

Lawyers agree there is no need for a new ‘formula’, as announced by the government, to replace the Sedition Act after it is abolished as existing legal provisions are good enough to deal with maters.

Lawyer: Why challenge Tian Chua’s sedition appeal but drop charges against...

Eric Paulsen urges the Attorney-General's Chambers to act in a manner consistent with the government's commitment to human rights.

End cover-up of custodial deaths, activist tells health minister

Eric Paulsen says the pathologists in several custodial death cases sought to cover up for the police despite subsequent post-mortems indicating police abuse.

Human rights lawyer, PSM leader freed of sedition charges

Eric Paulsen and S Arutchelvan were acquitted of allegedly criticising Jakim and the judiciary.

Human rights body slams immigration sweep

Fortify Rights legal director Eric Paulsen says serious human rights abuses may arise and points out the need for the authorities to first clean up the system.

Paulsen calls for patience on ending LGBT prejudice

Using the United States as an example, human rights lawyer says change might come with the next government or even the one after.

Speaker post: Call to consider ex-judges, lawyers too

Fortify Rights legal director Eric Paulsen says restricting the candidates to MPs will reduce the field for the PH government to choose from.

Lawyer: Politicians, media guilty of encouraging xenophobia

Eric Paulsen says politicians and the media tend to put foreigners in a bad light without highlighting their contributions to the nation.

Rights lawyer Paulsen wins RM100,000 damages in defamation suit

Three-member Court of Appeal bench upholds Eric Paulsen's appeal, saying he has proven all the necessary elements.

Lawyers, activists up in arms over Siti Kasim’s arrest

The human rights champion is alleged to have 'abducted' a 24-year-old woman who had apparently sought refuge with her.

Lawyers, activists denounce action against PSM man

PSM’s S Arutchelvan says he is being investigated under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.

Revamp Judicial Appointments Commission next, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty says the resignations of Raus Sharif and Zulkefli Makinudin signal better times for the judiciary, but it is also important to reform the membership of the JAC.

Latest prison death a test for PH reform agenda, says LFL

Lawyers for Liberty says 721 prisoners have died since 2013, and that Pakatan Harapan must improve conditions in prisons and detention centres as part of its promised reforms.

Don’t derail hopes of 300,000 Indians, Hindraf tells lawyers group

Its chairman P Waythamoorthy questions the group's criticism of PH's promise to solve the stateless issue affecting the community.

Stateless persons: Don’t limit efforts to Indians, govt told

Lawyers for Liberty says solutions should be for Malaysians from all walks of life.

Rein in MCMC to prevent future abuse, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty urges new communications minister Gobind Singh to investigate MCMC's past misdeeds under the BN government.

Do the right thing, resign, lawyers group tells AG, top judges

Lawyers for Liberty says Apandi Ali, Raus Sharif and Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin should go on their own and not put Malaysians through the messy and drawn-out process of having to legally remove them.

Tell your men to stop arresting Mahathir critics, Fuzi told

The call by rights lawyer Eric Paulsen comes as police arrest two men for social media postings critical of the prime minister.

Man arrested for insulting Dr M on Facebook

The man was detained following a report by some NGOs unhappy by his insult against the PM and Islam.

Kumpulan peguam: Henti buat laporan terhadap pengkritik Dr M

Lawyers for Liberty berkata kritikan sebahagian proses demokrasi dan orang ramai tidak harus terikut amalan semasa pemerintahan BN.

Nothing wrong with Najib travel ban, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen says immigration authorities have right to stop individuals under police investigation from escaping the law.

Kerajaan PH digesa buka laporan audit 1MDB

Lawyers for Liberty menggesa kajian semula jawatan Peguam Negara, 'undang-undang menindas', polis, pelantikan hakim dan status warga negara tanpa kerakyatan.