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Tag: Eric See-To

BN to Malaysians: We’re down, now we watch PH

The same scrutiny BN was subjected to is now needed on the new PH government, says Eric See-To, a day after his party's historic downfall.

Pemimpin BN juga terima panggilan misteri

Ini selepas pemimpin PH menuduh BN cuba menyesakkan talian telefon bimbit mereka.

BN leaders too get mystery missed calls

This comes after PH leaders accuse BN of trying to jam their mobile phone lines.

BN: Everything people hate about us actually done by Mahathir

BN strategist says Prime Minister Najib Razak has been trying to fix the former PM's policies and actions which have burdened the people.

BN: Don’t believe PH claims advance votes have been counted

BN's Eric See-To says advance votes for security forces and overseas voters will only be counted on May 9.

DAP dishonesty on tolls puts us on road to ruin

Manifesto does not take into account extended financial system and losses of about RM400 billion to the government and the Rakyat through their EPF savings and investments.

See-To: Saya tak kisah dipanggil ‘budak suruhan’ BN

Timbalan pengarah komunikasi strategik Barisan Nasional itu berkata rakyat senang dimanipulasi propaganda pembangkang, seperti dakwaan warga Bangladesh mengundi pada PRU lalu.

See-To: Go ahead, call me a running dog for telling the...

The BN strategic communications deputy director says he is unfazed by the criticism he receives for questioning the opposition.

Dr M: Jual The Loaf boleh dapat dana pilihan raya

Malangnya kata pengerusi PPBM itu beliau gagal mendapatkan pembeli untuk perniagaan rotinya.

Rafidah diminta tanya Muhyiddin kenapa pertahan Najib urus dana parti

BN merujuk kepada rakaman audio di mana presiden PPBM dikatakan berkata tidak pernah persoal 'dana khas' Umno diurus oleh presiden parti.

See-To: Rekod SSM lapor Dr M ada saham di pemilik The...

Timbalan pengarah komunikasi strategik BN berkata pengerusi PH itu tidak memberitahu perkara sebenar.

Mengundi hari Rabu adil untuk semua, kata See-To

Pakar strategi BN berkata hari hujung minggu di beberapa negeri jatuh pada hari berbeza.

Polling on Wednesday fair to all, says See-To

The BN strategist says this is because some states observe weekends on different days.

Govt can afford higher BR1M payout, says BN’s See-To

Eric See-To points to higher crude oil prices, better tax collections and stronger revenues among GLCs.

See-To : Pakatan ‘cure’ is only for private clinics

BN strategist attacks opposition campaign against govt savings in drug costs but themselves offering for-profit clinics a helping hand

See-To: Expect Pakatan to play the victim card

Barisan strategist says troubles with Mahathir's party had been known for months but they will blame the government.

‘Guan Eng should have pulled a Mahathir on Wee in tunnel...

Shamsher Singh Thind says the Penang CM should stop imposing unnecessary conditions to debate MCA's Wee Ka Siong on the undersea tunnel project.

Guan Eng, Kit Siang tak sertai forum projek terowong P Pinang

Forum menampilkan Timbalan Presiden MCA Wee Ka Siong dan Timbalan Pengarah Komunikasi Strategik BN Eric See-To.

Stop dismissing Ijok land deal as private affair, S’gor govt told

BNSC deputy director says claims that transaction was a private sale between willing buyer and willing seller and that state had no say over price do not hold water.

‘MACC probe in Ijok land victimising those who resolved issue’

MACC should focus on those responsible for the abuses that took place from 1998 onwards when land was taken back from settlers, urge 3 Pakatan representatives.

Penang govt trying to divert attention from tunnel cost, says See-To

He says the land costs for the tunnel and TRX projects are entirely different as the specifications are different.

Did Selangor govt lose RM4.2 billion over Ijok land, asks BN

BN's Eric See-To says even in a worst case scenario, selling the land via open tender would have reaped greater profits for the state while giving settlers more.

Who paid legal fees, if not Ijok settlers, See-To asks Sivarasa

BN strategic communications deputy director says law firm's info sheet shows 'BN cronies' had paid for legal services rendered in controversial land sale.

Sivarasa: I was appointed by Ijok land settlers themselves

PKR MP says claim of possible conflict of interest in his appointment as lawyer to represent interests of settlers in land matter is false and mischievous.