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Tag: espionage

Cameron Highlands: Holiday retreat and James Bond’s playground

From being a communist HQ and the scene of an unexplainable disappearance, Moonlight bungalow has many cloak and dagger tales to tell.

Huawei braces for a steep drop in overseas smartphone sales

Huawei sales and marketing managers are internally charting a drop in volumes of anywhere between 40 million to 60 million smartphones this year.

US charges Julian Assange with espionage

The superseding indictment comes a little more than a month after the Justice Department unseal a narrower criminal case against Assange.

Ingenious gadgets, real-world quandaries at Washington’s all-new Spy Museum

Relocated in a gleaming new steel and glass building double the size of its former premises.

State-sponsored espionage group Whitefly behind Singapore cyberattack, says report

Authorities say the attack illegally accessed and copied personal details of clinical patients including high-ranking politicians.

Huawei goes on legal warpath with twin US lawsuits

Huawei Technologies intends to file a lawsuit claiming the US government is overstepping by banning Huawei equipment from certain networks.

Senate panel wants Chinese-funded institutes to change or leave US

A report critical of Chinese-funded Confucius Institutes in the United States comes amid a trade war between Washington and Beijing.

Huawei says US has ‘no evidence’ of 5G spying allegations

Chairman Guo Ping says that the US has no evidence against Huawei and ironically, allows its own entities to access cross-border data.

Trump says order to block Huawei 5G sales is an option

Trump's aides advised him to hold off banning Huawei as trade talks are still ongoing.

Huawei-US spying tiff goes to top mobile fair

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is expected to have over 100,000 visitors from the telecoms industry.

Britain does not support total Huawei network ban, say sources

British foreign intelligence head says the situation with Huawei is complex and a complete ban is unfeasible.

Chinese businessman denies reported justification for Australian visa cancellation

Huang Xiangmo had his citizenship application denied and his visa revoked due to fears of him being a Chinese agent.

Don’t let Huawei help set up 5G, US warns EU nations

Americans warn European counterparts about the dangers of using Huawei's 5G technology.

German ministers to discuss Huawei’s role in 5G network

Sources say the meeting will focus on whether a security catalogue, drafted by a federal regulator and watchdog would be enough to make 5G safe.

Turkey charges US consulate employee with espionage

Metin Topuz, who liaised with the US Drug Enforcement Agency for the American mission, is accused of having links to US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Australia’s TPG Telecom dumps Huawei-supplied mobile network citing govt ban

Huawei said TPG's announcement was 'extremely disappointing'.

Alleged US spy received Russian ‘state secret’ without knowing

Espionage is punishable in Russia by up to 20 years in jail.

Ex-diplomats, scholars urge China to release Canadians

Many of the world's leading China academics also gave it their support.

Man City boss Guardiola says spying rife outside England

The Manchester City manager made clear he has not been involved in any such activity during his time in England.

Huawei probe underlines US fears of China’s strategic threat

In the light of recent events, it became clear that for the US, Huawei is a threat to national security.

China’s Huawei ‘fires’ employee arrested in Poland

The company says it has decided to immediately terminate its employer relationship with Wang Weijing.

Israel ex-minister will face 11 years for spying for Iran

Gonen Segev will plead guilty to serious espionage and transfer of information to Iran.

Moscow demands answers after FBI arrests Russian

FBI agents arrested Dmitry Makarenko on Saipan, a US island in the western Pacific and he had since been taken to Florida.

Russia detains American suspected of espionage

The FSB domestic security service said the American was arrested on Friday 'while carrying out an act of espionage'.