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Speed up restructuring of Esscom, says ex-assistant minister

Ramlee Marahaban says kidnapping cases are still rampant because of a flaw in Esscom’s chain of command.

Put security assets where they’re needed, says Sabah CM

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says security assets should be deployed in areas prone to cross-border crimes, not for political reasons but for national security.

Restructure Esscom but don’t compromise on security, says tourism body

Matta says any cost-cutting in the proposed Esscom restructuring should not be at the expense of Sabah’s security as that would adversely affect tourism.

Ancaman Abu Sayyaf ke atas Sabah masih tinggi, kata KPN

Abdul Hamid Bador berkata, ancaman di kepulauan timur Sabah sentiasa ada setiap hari kerana kedudukannya sangat dekat dengan Filipina.

Place Esscom under police, says former army man

Ahmad Ghazali Abu Hassan, who is also a former academic, says Esscoms's core duties are more closely linked to police work.

Ok to restructure Esscom but security mustn’t be compromised, says Shafie

Sabah CM says state will give its full cooperation to efforts of security forces.

Esscom foils bid to smuggle cigarettes worth over half a million...

Five local suspects were also arrested in yesterday's sting operation.

Crocs alive! 220 crocodiles about to be smuggled from Sabah

They were being smuggled from the Kampung Pasir Putih swamp forest in Tawau to be transported in an Indonesian boat.

Bekas pembantu menteri nafi ditangkap kerana laku jenayah rentas sempadan

Bekas pembantu menteri Ramlee Marhaban berkata beliau ke Pulau Mataking di sempadan Malaysia-Filipina untuk lihat tanah miliknya di situ.

Esscom tembak mati 10 penjenayah rentas sempadan sejak 2017

Suspek yang ditembak masing-masing seorang di Kunak, 3 di Kalabakan, 4 di perairan Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu serta 2 di kawasan Pulau Boheyan, Semporna.

Esscom considers flare guns in anti-piracy efforts

Esscom commander Hazani Ghazali says flare guns could be made mandatory with the Automatic Identification System on sea vessels for safety purposes.

Esscom on alert for possible kidnappings by Abu Sayyaf

This follows a report, quoting Philippine sources, that a group of 10 Abu Sayyaf militants, armed with pistols, rifles and grenade launchers, is targeting Sabah.

Esscom tembak mati 2 ejen penculik nelayan Sabah

2 lelaki itu ditembak mati ketika cuba melarikan diri menaiki sebuah bot pam dalam serbuan pasukan keselamatan di Kampung Air Kunak Tiga, malam tadi.

2 suspected kidnappers shot dead after Sabah high speed sea chase

This followed a high-speed chase at sea near Bohayan Island.

Esscom working with Philippine police to locate kidnapped fishermen

Security forces believe the fishermen have been taken out of Malaysian waters and have contacted the Philippine authorities for assistance.

I feared for my life, says fisherman in Semporna’s kidnapping incident

Fisherman recalls how he hid from kidnappers who took two of his friends from their boat in waters off Sabah.

Actor cries ‘Kidnap’, Esscom sees red

Esscom commander Hazani Ghazali believes 'fake' statement could have been made to create cheap publicity for actor's new movie next month.

10 lelaki gagal rampas kapal minyak sawit menuju Kuantan

Tindakan pantas kru menyelamatkan diri dengan memasuki dek berkunci dan menghubungi pasukan keselamatan, bagaimanapun dapat menghalang mereka daripada menjadi mangsa rompakan di laut atau mengalami kecederaan.

For Sabah, it’s beef up on security or lose out on...

Relocating more battalions is complex and expensive but will have beneficial spin-offs for the whole region.

Shafie denies claims boats flying Warisan flags avoiding inspections

Chief minister says these are just allegations on social media.

No one is above the law, Esscom warns boat operators

This comes after claims on social media that boats flying the flag of a certain local political party refused boat inspections by security forces in the Esszone.

Ban on pump boats must stay, says retired general

After Sabah says the ban is being reconsidered, Arshad Raji said there must have been good reasons why pump boats, used in cross-border crimes and kidnappings, were banned by the authorities.

4 Filipino kidnap group members shot dead near Lahad Datu

They were killed by cops while heading towards a group of fishing boats.

Esscom nabs 2 foreigners carrying live bullets

One of them works as a security guard and owns a homemade shotgun.