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Tag: Essential goods

569 goods drop in price after SST introduced

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says RM5.4 billion was collected from SST last year, more than the targeted collection of RM4 billion.

Govt should tackle rising cost of food items, but so can...

Barjoyai Bardai suggests issuing more import permits for food items, adding that consumers can work together to put pressure on prices.

Mydin boss tells how to break egg shortage, price hike

Ameer Ali Mydin says other than temporarily halting exports, the government must do away with APs.

Nepal says China to allow access to ports, ending Indian monopoly...

Wedged between China and India, Nepal depends heavily on India for the supply of essential goods including fuel and the use of its ports for trade with other countries.

Restrict subsidised goods to Malaysians, Umno delegate urges

Bayan Baru Puteri delegate complains that millions of foreigners are now enjoying goods, including foodstuff, that are subsidised by the government and that are meant for Malaysians.

Ku Nan blasts DAP for rejecting his federal Penang idea

They can't control housing prices the way BN has done it, so Malays are suffering, he says.