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Tag: ethics

7 bad habits of Malaysian train commuters

From foul body odour to ‘manspreading’, Malaysian railway commuters have to deal with niggling annoyances on a near daily basis.

How a British fraudster’s lies on vaccines started Malaysia’s most damaging...

Although Andrew Wakefield and his fraudulent ways were exposed long ago, the fallout is prevalent even in Malaysia.

Tales from the waiter: The 5 most annoying restaurant customers

Waiters have to deal with all manner of customers from the good to the ugly.

The 7 deadly sins of Malaysian cinemagoers

There can be no divine forgiveness for these errant theatre patrons.

China eyes bans for rogue scientists

He Jiankui announced the world's first gene-edited babies last November- twin girls whose DNA have been altered to prevent contracting HIV.

Ex-Canada minister at centre of ethics allegations set to testify

Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned last week.

Researchers keeps wraps on automatic text generator to prevent misuse

The software could be used to generate news stories, product reviews and other kinds of writing.

Kidneys grown in rats could pave way for human transplant options

Scientists said Wednesday they have successfully used mice stem cells to grow kidneys in rat embryos, using a technique that could one day help grow human kidneys for transplant.

China clones gene-edited monkeys to aid disorder research

The researchers have altered the genes of a macaque with circadian rhythm disorder and cloned five from it.

Facebook backs election integrity, AI initiatives in Germany

In Germany, Facebook is relatively less popular partly due to privacy concerns dating back to its history of Nazi and Communist rule in the 20th century.

Trump’s interior chief Zinke will step down amid ethics probes

President Donald Trump announced the secretary’s impending departure on Twitter, without providing a rationale.

What are the ethics of baby gene-editing?

Should everything that becomes technically possible be carried out? For most ethicists the answer is no -- but the tricky part is whether it can be prevented.

Microsoft to keep Pentagon bid amid ethics concerns

The company was aware of the potential ethical concerns about the use of artificial intelligence in warfare.

How ‘Malaysia Boleh’ can lead the young astray

A criminologist takes issue with a culture that finds it acceptable to bend the rules or laws, and calls out leaders for nepotism and high level of corruption.

Trump discloses payment to attorney who paid off porn star

US president Donald Trump has formally reimbursed personal attorney Michael Cohen over the payment of 'hush money' to porn star, Stormy Daniels.

Legal expert: Judges shouldn’t hold posts soon after retirement

A negative perception will emerge that even independent judges will bend towards the government so as to be appointed to lucrative posts in the public or private sector, says Param Cumaraswamy.

Pet cloning is not just for celebrities anymore

But animal rights groups say the process causes undue suffering to the pets that provide the egg cells and carry the embryos.

Montana sues OxyContin maker Purdue over opioid epidemic

The opioid manufacturer has been sued for its unethical marketing practices.

Solving Malaysia’s academic problems

Writer says the main problem is systemic, mostly due to political interference in Malaysia's education system.

Zaid: Religious teachers must start with ethical values

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim says basics of right and wrong, values common to humanity must be taught first to make Muslims honest, and not be greedy.

Why Malaysia should still ‘look East’ to Japan

Writer says Malaysians should look to countries like Japan as a model of cleanliness, safety and labour efficiency.