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Tag: ethnic cleansing

Top Myanmar court rejects appeal by Reuters reporters

Supporters believe the pair have been punished for investigating a massacre of 10 Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's western Rakhine state in September 2017.

Reuters journalists lose appeal against 7-year sentence

The two Reuters journalists are saying that they were victims of a police set-up, pointing to testimony from a serving officer who said authorities ordered others to entrap them.

Verdict postponed in Myanmar’s case against Reuters journalists

The reporters and one police witness for the prosecution have testified they were set up by police to block or punish them for their reporting of a mass killing of Rohingya Muslims.

Myanmar leader Suu Kyi says terrorism in Rakhine state a threat...

The Nobel peace prize laureate, once seen as the face of Myanmar's struggle for democracy, has been criticised for her failure to speak out against a military crackdown on Rohingya Muslims.

HRW: Bangladesh must improve conditions for Rohingya

Bangladesh and Myanmar have signed a repatriation agreement but the Rohingya refuse to return without guarantees of safety and rights, including freedom of movement and citizenship.

Myanmar not ready for return of Rohingya refugees

The Myanmar government has previously pledged to do its best to make sure repatriation under an agreement signed with Bangladesh in November would be "fair, dignified and safe".

Rohingya in ‘no man’s land’ reject return on Myanmar terms

Some 700,000 Rohingya have been driven into neighbouring Bangladesh since last August by a major army crackdown -- purportedly intended to "clear" northern Rakhine state of militants from the Muslim minority.

UN: ‘Acts of genocide’ suspected against Rohingya in Myanmar

UN human rights chief claims that alleged mass graves were destroyed in bid to hide evidence, adding that 'ethnic cleansing is still underway'.

UN: ‘Ethnic cleansing’ of Myanmar’s Rohingya continues

A UN human rights envoy said Myanmar is continuing its "ethnic cleansing" of the Rohingya with a "campaign of terror and forced starvation" in Rakhine state.

Reuters says Myanmar held journalists for probing Rohingya massacre

The pair are now facing up to 14 years in prison on charges of possessing classified documents in violation of the colonial-era Official Secrets Act.

Myanmar forces and Buddhist villagers torched Rohingya homes, then killed

According to witnesses, 2 were hacked to death by Buddhist villagers, while the rest were shot by soldiers.

Rohingya women find peace in ‘widows’ camp’ barred to men

More than half the Rohingya refugees who escaped are women and children. They made it out alive but not without scars.

US condemns ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Rohingya in Myanmar

Tillerson said Myanmar's response to the crisis would be vital to determining the success of its transition to becoming "a more democratic society".

Rohingya issue: Why wasn’t Putrajaya’s money in its mouth?

The Malaysian delegation should have spoken up at the Asean Summit, says Razak Baginda.

Bangladesh Islamists call to arm Rohingya

Experts said Bangladeshi Islamist extremist groups could exploit the situation and forge closer ties with Rohingya militants.

Are Myanmar’s Rohingya facing genocide or ethnic cleansing?

Under the UN Convention to prevent genocide, which came into force in 1951, perpetrators must be shown to have the "intent to destroy in whole or in part" a group based on its nationality, ethnicity, race or religion.

Mob attack, Red Cross crash hamper urgently-needed Rohingya aid

A 300-strong Buddhist mob in Rakhine's state capital Sittwe massed late Wednesday at a jetty where a boat carrying relief goods was preparing to travel up river to hard-hit Maungdaw.

Suu Kyi condemns rights abuse, decries suffering in Rakhine

She also called on the international community to support her government’s efforts to end conflict with other ethnic minority guerrillas, and to support peace across the whole country and not to focus just on “little afflicted areas”.

Malaysian fighters could enter Myanmar through underground channels

However, Myanmar community leader urges Malaysians against doing so and asks for help to resolve the conflict through peaceful means.

Does Myanmar violence amount to human rights crimes?

The following are questions and answers on the violence.

UN Security Council to meet Wednesday on Myanmar violence

The council met behind closed doors in late August to discuss the violence, but there was no formal statement from the council.

Muslim medical body urges Myanmar to allow aid workers in

The Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia says workers should be able to conduct their duties without fear of violence following the UN World Food Programme’s move to suspend activities to help Rohingya refugees.

Najib opens thorny debate in Myanmar genocide claim

Myanmar considering lodging an official complaint with Asean over what it calls a serious breach of pledge of non-interference in fellow member's domestic issues.

Twitter user lands in hot soup after ‘Umno nazis’ comment

Police to probe Twitter user who accuses Umno of "ethnic cleansing" during the May 13 and Kampung Medan riots.