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Tag: Etihad Airways

Australian court finds man guilty of plotting to blow up airliner

The man Khaled Khayat is found guilty for a plot to carry out the attacks on a flight out of Sydney on behalf of the Islamic State (IS).

Etihad Airways said to seek US$600 mil loan for planes

Abu Dhabi’s state-owned carrier is arranging the loan on its own and has reached out to banks that may be willing to provide the unsecured facility.

India’s Jet Airways grounds four aircraft after failing to pay lessors

No clarification on groundings being voluntary or forced.

IS dalang cubaan mengebom pesawat Etihad Airways, kata polis Australia

Seorang lelaki tidak sedar abangnya memberikan bom yang diubah suai menyerupai mesin pengisar daging untuk dibawa masuk ke Lapangan Terbang Sydney.

IS behind Aussies’ foiled meat-mincer bomb plot, say police

Security expert says the device would have worked like a large grenade, exploding with enough force to blow a hole in an airplane.