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China pulls WTO suit over claim to be a market economy

Without a WTO ruling in Beijing's favour, the EU and United States can keep imposing duties on cheap imports from China while disregarding its claim that they are fairly priced.

UN chief calls on EU to raise 2030 climate goal to...

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also calls for leaders to phase out burning coal.

EU will do a new Brexit deal with me, says Hunt

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt hopes the EU will engage with a new British leader.

Boris Johnson launches campaign to become next British PM

The launch video follows Johnson on the campaign trail, promising voters that he will take Britain out of the European Union.

Trump tells UK to ‘walk away’ if EU deny what it...

Trump advises the UK to walk away if it does not get a fair deal from the UK.

EU softens post-Brexit limit on London trading

EU investors will be able to trade all UK stocks on London venues even if the country leaves the bloc without a withdrawal agreement.

Nationalists surge in EU Parliament vote, but pro-EU parties remain dominant

The far-right and nationalists in Italy, Britain, France and Poland come out on top in their national votes, but fail to dramatically alter the balance of pro-European power in EU assembly.

Malaysia prepares to boost palm-biofuel use in wake of EU limits

Government plans to include a 'B20/B30-ready' specification for vehicles in a review of the policy, says minister.

Theresa May set to announce her timetable to quit as Tory...

May has little choice but to set a date if she is to avoid the humiliation of being hounded from office.

China, EU meterai perjanjian kerjasama penerbangan awam

China-EU menandatangani 2 perjanjian yang akan terus mempromosi kerjasama dalam bidang penerbangan awam serta memperkaya perkongsian strategik komprehensif.

EU firms ‘caught in crossfire’ of US-China trade war

The ongoing trade clash between Beijing and Washington is 'not good for business', a survey of European firms in China has found.

Germany says Europe must maintain own course after US blacklisting of...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the BDI urge that Europe not be dragged down into the trade dispute between US and China.

Turkish-Cypriot poised to make history in Cyprus EU vote

Turkish Cypriots are considered EU citizens and have the right to run and vote in the European elections.

Italian budget worries knock European shares lower

Italian shares led losses in Europe on Wednesday after the country's deputy prime minister said Rome was ready to break EU fiscal rules, masking early gains fueled by optimism around U.S.-China trade rhetoric.

Britain warns of Iran-US conflict, Pompeo meets Europeans

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned last week that Tehran could resume enrichment at a higher grade if the European powers did not do more to circumvent punitive US measures on banking and energy to boost trade.

No-deal Brexit risk bigger than firms think

A no-deal Brexit means trade between the UK and the EU would switch to World Trade Organisation rules.

EU- Malaysia ties to stay strong despite palm oil dispute, says...

Maria Castillo Fernandez says the European Union is open to dialogue with Malaysia to overcome their differences.

Kami bukan musuh minyak sawit, kata duta Perancis

Frederic Laplanche berkata Perancis dan EU beransur-ansur menarik balik insentif bagi minyak sawit untuk ditambah ke dalam campuran diesel.

We’re not the enemy of palm oil, says French envoy

French ambassador to Malaysia Frederic Laplanche says Putrajaya has been taking steps to improve the image of palm oil and tackle the trust deficit among European consumers.

UK Conservatives and Labour resume Brexit talks

Almost three years since Britain voted to leave the EU, there is still ittle clarity about how, when or even if Brexit will happen.

Juncker regrets EU silence on Brexit campaign ‘lies’

EU chief Jean Claude Juncker says he kept out of earlier Brexit debates, believing it would have been counterproductive.

Kok accuses EU of palm oil ‘trade war’

She says Malaysia is considering all options for trade items including fighter jets from Russia or China instead of France.

British PM tells Labour: Let’s do a deal on Brexit

May insists the clobbering both main parties took in last week's English local elections had increased the necessity of finding an EU divorce deal.

5G conference warns on security as Huawei controversy rages

Europe has been torn over its approach to the Chinese giant with some accepting Huawei while others outright rejecting them.