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Tag: eulogy

For black women at church, it’s more than the Aretha eulogy

The backlash of the controversial eulogy was immediate, given Franklin's role as a mother and a pillar for women's rights.

Aretha Franklin’s eulogy was ‘offensive and distasteful,’ family says

The Queen of Soul's family say the reverent used the 'platform to push his negative agenda'.

Two presidents honour McCain at funeral as Trump heads to golf...

Trump was notably absent at John McCain's momentous funeral, leaving the capital to head to his golf club in Virginia just when eulogies to McCain were being delivered.

Obama, Bush to eulogise former political foe McCain at cathedral service

Obama and Bush will be joined by a collection of former US presidents, senators, Vietnam-era officials and others paying tribute to McCain.

Speakers at Aretha Franklin funeral raise Black Lives Matter movement

Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. delivered the eulogy for Franklin and used his time at the podium to raise social issues he said were critical to the black community.

Biden eulogises friend John McCain as “giant among all of us”

Biden led heartfelt tributes to the warrior and onetime Republican presidential nominee at a Phoenix memorial shortly before McCain's remains were to be flown to Washington.