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Tag: European Parliament

Lagarde set for October confirmation as next ECB president

Christine Lagarde's nomination for ECB president will go to its Governing Council and the European Parliament for consultation.

Greek PM likely to call snap general election

Alexis Tsipras may call for snap elections  after suffering a heavy defeat in yesterday's European Parliament elections.

Migration remains a burning issue in EU election campaign

Migration is to be a heated debate in the election campaign for the new European Parliament.

Hungary could resume anti-EU campaigns, says PM Orban

Nationalist Viktor Orban has often clashed with the EU over his anti-immigration campaigns and judicial reforms.

China threat to telecoms cited in EU Parliament draft resolution

The European Parliament plans to protect the next generation network, 5G from potential cybersecurity threats by Chinese telcos.

Leader of EU conservative bloc seeks talks with Hungary’s Orban over...

Manfred Weber demanded Fidesz take down billboards attacking European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, part of its campaign for May's European Parliament elections.

Turkey faces crucial vote on EU accession before local ballot

A final vote in the parliament’s plenum will take place before the Mar 31 vote in Turkey, according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Twitter launches political ad tracking tools in Europe ahead of key...

Twitter says that their political campaigning ads policy, introduced during the US midterm elections, will be launching in India and Australia.

Catalan separatist trial gives Spanish far-right global platform

Vox, which vehemently opposes illegal immigration and supports the scrapping of tough laws against gender violence, also plans to send a few MEPs into the European Parliament in May elections.

MEPs urge Amazon’s Bezos to drop Soviet-themed goods

The Soviet-inspired style has become trendy in recent years as Russian designers make their mark.

French far-right overtakes Macron in EU parliament election poll

The poll asked nearly 1,000 French people on Oct 30-31 who they would vote for if the European Parliament elections were to be held the next Sunday.

Poll shows support for EU at 35-year high across bloc

Sixty-seven percent of EU citizens believed that EU membership benefitted their country.

Politics and palm oil: A potent mixture at the polls

The EU's proposed ban on the import of palm oil from Malaysia is playing out in rural areas, with BN championing the livelihoods of smallholders and Felda settlers, says report.

EU lawmakers urge review of Juncker aide’s ‘coup-like’ rise

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has been urged to reassess the position of Martin Selmayr.

‘European ban on palm oil can cripple Malaysia’s oil palm industry’

Upko Youth will be presenting its memorandum of protest to the European Parliament for what it perceives as an act of prejudice by the EU against oil palm industry.

Proposed ban on palm oil: Felda to hand petition to EU...

Felda chairman Shahrir Abdul Samad says the petition will bear signatures of 100,000 settlers.

EU lawmakers back exports control on spying technology

The European Parliament's trade committee has voted to control exports of technology that could potentially be used for espionage.

Malaysia, Indonesia say EU palm resolution will affect millions

PM Najib Razak and Indonesian President Joko Widodo say the resolution singles out palm oil although the production of other vegetable oils has also contributed to deforestation.

Malaysia worried EU resolution could dent palm oil exports

The European Parliament has said in a non-binding resolution that only environmentally sustainable palm oil can be imported into the EU after 2020.