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Tag: EV

Tesla fires sound alarms about safety of electric-car batteries

The electric-car sector is grappling with the challenges of quality control, boosting performance and expanding capacity to meet rising demand for batteries.

Geely ‘no’, BMW ‘yes’ to electric vehicles in Malaysia but why?

This question deserves an answer especially since our PM wants a national car programme that is fully electric.

Amazon places big bet on aspiring Tesla rival Rivian

The deal represents a major endorsement of Rivian's electric vehicle technology by the world's largest online retailer.

Tesla’s delivery team gutted in recent job cuts

The automaker more than halved the division that delivers its electric vehicles to North American customers.

Shell open to carmaker partners in EV charging expansion

Shell bought US charger provider Greenlots as part of efforts to compete with rival BP in the growing EV sector.

Tesla in talks with Lishen over Shanghai battery contract

Tesla broke ground on the US$2 billion Gigafactory earlier this month.

Toyota, Panasonic to set up EV battery JV in 2020

A Toyota spokesman said the two companies have been working on the battery partnership announced in 2017.

Infiniti debuts EV concept in Detroit as precursor to first fully...

Defined specifications are limited to cosmetic features and the affirmed four-wheel drive.

Hyundai and Kia unveil driverless car-charging and parking concept

Hyundai and Kia are planning to commercialise their own autonomous vehicles in 2021 and launch fully autonomous vehicles by 2030.

Know what an EV needs before buying one

Apart from knowing the incentives available, make sure your home electrical system has the amperage required to instal a charging point.

Hyundai to make electric cars in Indonesia

Indonesia has ample reserves of nickel laterite ore, a vital ingredient for the lithium-ion batteries used to power EVs.

US chipmaker Nvidia to provide AI platform for Chinese EV start-ups

Chinese electric vehicle makers XPeng and Singulato will use Nvidia's artificial intelligence (AI) driving chip Xavier and its computing platform to develop hardware for autonomous driving.

VW and Ford in talks on self-driving and electric vehicles

The German and US automakers are in 'exploratory talks' to jointly develop self-driving and electric vehicles in a far-reaching strategic alliance.

Apple files patent for connecting moving electric vehicles to reduce driving...

Apple's patent describes a method of linking a group of at least two vehicles on the road in the optimal configuration so that driving range differences between the vehicles can be reduced via load sharing via the electrical connection.

Why did Dyson pick Singapore to build its electric car?

It already employs 1,100 people in Singapore, making 21 million digital electric motors a year. It also has manufacturing hubs in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Nissan Leaf gets approval for vehicle-to-grid use in Germany

Nissan has so far sold about 370,000 electric vehicles and, along with top shareholder Renault, has been very active in exploring how car batteries can be integrated into the wider power system.

Brexit backer Dyson to make electric cars in Singapore

Best known for its cordless vacuum cleaners, hand dryers and fans, Dyson is aiming to launch electric vehicles in 2021.

Tesla launches new US$45,000 Model 3

The rear-wheel-drive model has a 'mid range' battery, a range of 260 miles, 50 miles less than the long-range battery that the more expensive Model 3 is equipped with.

Mazda aims for all of its vehicles to be electric hybrid,...

The Japanese automaker joins a growing number of global automakers who are planning to reduce emissions by producing more gasoline-hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids and battery EVs.

Carmakers brace for shocks as electrified future looms

Google, Nokia and French IT specialist Atos are among the tech groups sending staff to the Paris show with pledges to help automakers navigate their industry's seismic shift.

Waymo sets up subsidiary in Shanghai as Google plans China push

Waymo established Huimo Business Consulting (Shanghai) in Shanghai's FTZ - Its scope includes business and logistics consultancy as well as the design and testing of self-driving car parts.

Third national car: Spot on about hook-up with LYNK & Co

Malaysia can be manufacturing hub for right-hand drive vehicles thereby enabling easy sales access to Asean, Australia and New Zealand.

Menteri saran projek kereta nasional ke-3 teroka kenderaan jimat tenaga

Menteri air, tanah dan sumber asli berkata, bahan bakar fosil mungkin boleh bertahan 25 tahun lagi atau kurang daripada tempoh itu, jadi wujud keperluan beralih kepada penggunaan tenaga lebih lestari.

The CX-9 best shows Mazda’s strengths

The vehicle is exceptionally well proportioned, has an interior with lots of design flair and nice materials, and is truly fun to drive.