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Tag: eviction

Former estate workers in Kedah get back water supply

Kedah Water Authority has provided extra water tanks to the residents of Padang Meha to ease their plight.

Help us, farmers appeal to Perak footballers given their land as...

The group hopes the team will appeal to the Perak menteri besar on their behalf so that they can continue farming.

Probe Pahang MB immediately, Ramasamy urges IGP

DAP's P Ramasamy says Fuzi Harun should look into the matter as more than 100 police reports had been lodged against Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail.

Pahang MB should resign

Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail’s reason for evicting farmers and destroying 60 farms has been shown to be false.

Are evicted Cameron Highlands farmers victims or polluters?

Unless the Pahang government reviews its stand, 61 farmers who have worked on the land for generations will be forced out without any alternative site.

Emulate Penang’s political will over PPR flats abuse, CM tells Putrajaya

Chow Kon Yeow says Penang has shown it wants to clean up years of abuse by those ineligible for the flats, adding that Taman Manggis residents who were evicted had violated people’s housing project rules.

After Taman Manggis fiasco, questions over who is eligible for PPR...

Tenants at PPR units in Kuala Lumpur say they have to undergo a strict vetting process by DBKL.

Evicted families given 3 days to remove belongings from PPR flat

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says his government is only enforcing the law, and denies claims that the evictions are racially motivated.

PM’s pol-sec in Penang on Taman Manggis eviction fact-finding mission

All problems can be solved, says the PM’s political secretary Abu Bakar Yahya who is on a fact-finding mission following the eviction of families from a government flat meant for the poor.

We have to be firm to be fair, Jagdeep says on...

The Penang state exco says the waiting list throughout Penang has hit over 1,000, nearly 500 of which are for the Taman Manggis PPR alone.

Senior citizen claims ‘cruelly evicted’ from Penang flat

The woman is among 17 families evicted from government rental flats after being found ineligible.

International NGOs shutter operations amid crackdown in Pakistan

The expulsion follows years of mounting mistrust of aid groups by Pakistan's intelligence agencies.

Court grants devotees order to stop relocation of Seafield temple for...

The 10 devotees of Sri Maha Mariamman Temple filed the suit earlier this month to set aside a 2014 consent judgement entered by temple administrators and developer, One City.

CCTV cameras and eviction for Beijing “house church”

New regulations have increased government pressure on the churches to "sinicise" - to be culturally Chinese and submit to oversight from the Communist Party.

Suaram raps Kelantan, Selangor over human rights

Suaram executive director Sevan Doraisamy takes the state governments to task over the demolition of an Orang Asli blockade in Gua Musang and a ranch in Bukit Tinggi.

US judge grants reprieve to Puerto Ricans facing eviction

Many of those facing eviction had been living in US motels, but US District Judge Leo Sorokin gave them a reprieve.

PSM cries foul over charges to be filed against activists

Two PSM activists are expected to be charged tomorrow with obstructing a police officer from evicting a family from a low-cost home in early June.

Suaram slams eviction of 7 families from Penang low-cost flats

Suaram asks what state government had been doing over the past decade to prevent the housing shortage for the poor from escalating to its current state.

Evicted residents camp out at Komtar with pillows

Seven families renting a government low-cost flat in Air Itam claim they have nowhere to go after they were forced to leave.

Families facing eviction from low-cost flats protest outside Komtar

Families said they are being forced out of their homes for reasons that do not make sense.

Another Good Samaritan offers job to evicted man

Businessman Khor Kian Hown offers Looi Say Chye a job at one of his mini markets, as well as offers to pay half the price for a new motorcycle.

Seafield temple issue: Abusive speeches won’t help, says MP

Subang MP R Sivarasa slams task force leaders for allowing others to take over a protest yesterday and make insulting speeches about the state government.

Developer, director sue villagers in second bid to evict them

Ehsan Bina Sdn Bhd claims it had bought the Padang Jawa village land in 2012 and the villagers are occupying the land illegally.

Batu Ferringhi villagers to get new homes; 3 months to leave

PM allocates RM10 million for housing project next to the village while state government to expedite housing plans.