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Altantuya’s family still seeking 2006 evidence for RM100 mil suit

They need the original exhibits and evidence in their lawsuit against the government and three others.

Child abuse: Strong medical reports help convict offenders, says paediatrician

Dr Irene Cheah Guat Sim admits that at times the reports produced by doctors are disappointing and not very conclusive.

Turkey has more evidence in Khashoggi murder

A second voice recording - said to be 15 minutes in length - is claimed to reveal that the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi had been premeditated.

Turkey shares evidence with CIA chief over Khashoggi murder

Video images and audio tapes, as well as evidence gathered from the consulate and the consul's residence, were shared with Haspel during the briefing at the Turkish Intelligence Organisation (MIT) CIA Director Gina Haspel.

Suit by Altantuya’s family: Court to rule on Monday on use...

Counsel Sangeet Kaur Deo says civil court is entitled to rely and accept evidence given during criminal trial.

Charges against Guan Eng dropped due to fresh evidence, says AGC

The Attorney-General’s Chambers also denies that Tommy Thomas had anything to do with the decision to drop the corruption charges against Lim Guan Eng and Phang Li Koon.

Be patient, public told over ‘slow’ 1MDB probe

A source familiar with the MACC investigation says the anti-graft agency needs time to liaise with authorities in other countries as the AG only recently issued the mutual legal assistance.

Lawyers group: Entire court system may be tainted by BTN brainwashing

Lawyers for Liberty calls for the formation of an inquiry panel to ascertain how far BTN’s propaganda has penetrated the judicial system and to institute remedial measures.

Altantuya’s family seeks to use evidence in criminal trial for civil...

Their lawyer Ramkarpal Singh claims defendant Razak Baginda is 'throwing a spanner in the works' to foil their RM100 million civil claim.

1MDB probe: Stick to the law in getting evidence overseas, MACC...

Ex-AG Abu Talib Othman reminds the anti-graft agency of the 2007 Federal Court ruling which rejected such evidence because procedures were not followed.

1MDB probe: MACC now focuses on obtaining evidence from overseas

MACC chief says 50% of the investigation into the case involved only local evidence, while the other 50% would involve evidence from overseas.

Submit proof of money politics in Umno elections, says deputy

Mohamad Hasan says a report should be lodged to ensure that action is taken in the matter.

Lawyer: Khairuddin will prove RM115 million pink diamond is with Rosmah

Gopal Sri Ram says witnesses will be called in to show that the jewellery was delivered to a third party who then handed it over to Rosmah.

Lawyer: Don’t reopen Altantuya murder case to please the public

Criminal lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon says it would be tricky to rely on ex-cops Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar to give evidence for the prosecution as their credibility could be questioned.

Mahathir: Enough evidence to charge Najib, Rosmah

The prime minister tells the New York Times that Najib’s government ‘raped’not just 1MDB but also other govt-funded initiatives.

Ex-senior DPP: Less experience in criminal law not a problem for...

Stanley Isaacs says Tommy Thomas has several options in handling criminal prosecutions, where he lacks experience, including getting experienced criminal lawyers to prosecute.

New AG could order fresh Altantuya murder probe, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says the conduct of the prosecution during the murder trial could be questioned.

Colombia arrests ex-FARC negotiator, says could be extradited to US

The suspect had been arrested on Monday in Colombia on drug trafficking charges.

Manafort says FBI illegally searched storage unit for evidence

Manafort is accused in the Washington case of laundering the profits from tens of millions of dollars that he made as a political consultant to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

One historical sex charge against Vatican finance chief withdrawn

Prosecutors Friday withdrew one of multiple historical sexual offence charges against Vatican finance chief Cardinal George Pell ahead of his committal hearing next week.

Enough evidence for MACC to probe 1MDB, says ex-anti-graft officer

Saying court proceedings in Singapore, and the US Department of Justice’s reports, can be used in investigations into 1MDB, a former state ACA chief adds there will be no overlap with any police probe as police deal with Penal Code offences.

4 held in Pastor Koh’s case freed due to lack of...

Investigating officer Supari Mohammad says the Attorney-General's Chambers classified case against them as 'no further action'.

Traces of VX nerve agent found on Siti Aisyah, Doan’s clothes

Dr Raja Subramaniam says VX nerve agent may be brought into Malaysia in a water bottle as airports here do not have any device that can detect it.

Lawyer: Absence of key witnesses setback to forex probe

Ex-BNM governor Jaffar Hussein and auditor-general Ishak Tadin could have given evidence if a timely investigation was conducted, says Gurdial Singh Nijar.