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Iran publicly hangs murderer of Friday prayer imam

The death sentence was upheld by the supreme court and carried out after the cleric's family decided not to spare the life of the killer who refused to express regret.

Bahrain executes 3, including Shi’ite activists

The authorities have denied accusations of torture and repressing the opposition, and say they are protecting national security from terrorists.

4 Malaysians facing the noose in Singapore, says rights group

Lawyers for Liberty says Malaysians form the bulk of foreign nationals currently facing execution in Changi prison.

Iran executes defence ministry contractor over spying for CIA

The report comes days after Iran said it had dismantled a 'new' US spy network in the country linked to the CIA.

Supposedly executed former N. Korean nuclear envoy is alive

There has been a series of conflicting reports over the past five days about shakeups in North Korea's team.

North Korea ‘executed’ officials after failed Trump summit

Some previous South Korean reports of North Korean purges and executions have later proved inaccurate.

Singapore Court of Appeal grants stay to Pannir Selvam

He has two weeks to file his intended application together with any supporting evidence.

Saudi in mass execution of 37 convicted of ‘terrorism’

Executions in the ultra-conservative kingdom are usually carried out by beheading.

Global executions at lowest level in a decade, says Amnesty

The capital punishment figures fell around the world from at least 993 in 2017, to at least 690 last year.

IS-backed Boko Haram faction publishes ‘execution’ video

The video comes as Nigerian and regional forces have intensified their activities against ISWAP in northern Borno.

Singapore hangs Sarawakian Michael Garing

Michael Garing was executed at Changi Prison this morning, the second Malaysian to be sent to the gallows in Singapore.

Texas puts to death oldest man, 70-year-old convicted murderer

Billie Wayne Coble was convicted for the 1989 murders of three people – the parents and brother of his wife, who had asked for a divorce.

Texas executes man 31 years later for killing cop

A federal appeals court earlier this week rejected a bid for a stay of execution that argued Jennings had lacked adequate legal representation for taking full advantage of possible appeals of his case.

Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling

The Liaoning High Court in late December ordered the case retried after prosecutors said the sentence was too light and improper.

Japan hangs 2 for murder, bringing 2018 executions to 15

The hangings comes 5 months after the nation carried out the executions of cult members sentenced to death for their role in the fatal 1995 sarin attack on the Tokyo subway and other crimes.

Iran executes trader dubbed ‘Sultan of Bitumen’

Hamidreza Bagheri Dermani is the third businessman to be executed since an anti-corruption drive was launched over the summer.

Texas executes killer over 1993 attack on newlyweds

There have been only 11 executions this year in all other US states that carry out the death penalty.

Tennessee electrocutes convicted murderer

Lethal injection is the preferred method of putting people to death in all US states that have the death penalty.

Member of ‘Texas Seven’ set for execution 18 years after cop...

The men attacked guards for their uniforms and forced another to open the door. One of the men's fathers was waiting in a car outside.

Tennessee executes convict in electric chair

Only nine US states still use the electric chair as a form of capital punishment.

Death penalty not a deterrent, says ex-judge

Retired Court of Appeal judge Mah Weng Kwai also recalls witnessing the execution of two brothers 35 years ago.

You breached due process, lawyer tells Singapore after Malaysian’s execution

N Surendran accuses the Singapore government of breaching its own constitution by rejecting the family's clemency bid on grounds that the clemency process had concluded.

Lawyers group urges govt to save Malaysian slated for execution in...

Lawyers for Liberty says accused drug trafficker Prabu N Pathmanathan will be hanged on Friday unless the government intervenes.

Turkey jails filmmaker for movie portraying execution of Erdogan

Ali Avci was arrested last year after the release of a trailer for his film Awakening, based on a failed military putsch in 2016 in which more than 250 people were killed.