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Locally assembled buses now SST exempt, says finance minister

The decision was made after receiving appeals from the Bus Operators Association, says Lim Guan Eng.

Cut property prices please, Mr Developer

This demand comes as many public-listed property developers are currently enjoying fat profit margins exceeding 20%.

Volvo Cars seeks US tariff exemption for Chinese-made SUV

Volvo confirmed on Friday it has sought an exemption with the US Trade Representative's Office for the popular vehicle that accounted for nearly a third of its US sales in August.

No SST on cement, sand to keep building costs down

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says such building materials in the past were subjected to GST which led to the increase of house prices.

PKR polls: Green light for Rafizi despite NFC conviction

The PKR vice-president has obtained exemption from the RoS as provided for in the Societies Act.

Now Putrajaya says big ticket items should be taxed

Lim Guan Eng says his ministry feels that luxurious and expensive items should be taxed, and that the list earlier released by the Customs Department is not the final one.

US manufacturers, steel makers battle over tariff relief

The tariff exemptions process is a new front in a battle between US steel and aluminium consumers, fighting to keep prices for those metals down.

Rape victim told to pay for tests given exemption

Hospital Serdang director says the victim and her guardian can ignore the demand notice sent to her recently.

Remove GST on affordable homes, says Jagdeep

The Penang exco says the goods and services tax places an extra burden on the Penang government in its efforts to provide affordable housing.

Customs: Tax exemption also given during Mahathir’s administration

Customs director–general T Subromaniam blasts critics for not understanding the reason for GST exemption given to ECRL builder.

Export tax exemption on crude palm oil extended to end-April

The earlier three-month suspension began in January.

EPA gives giant refiner a ‘hardship’ waiver from regulation

The EPA exemption could reduce Andeavor's regulatory costs by more than US$50 million this year.

Report: Tax exemption puts additional RM1.5 billion in hands of consumers

About 260,000 won’t be paying taxes this year following the move to reduce the personal income tax rate by two percentage points, and this money is expected to boost the economy.

Nazri: Tourism packages already booked exempted from tax

The tourism minister confirms that Malaysians staying at hotels rated three stars and below will also be let off from the tax.

Impose tourism tax only on foreigners, says budget hotel body

It welcomes any move to exempt three-star hotels from the tax.

Riding without helmet: Mufti didn’t commit offence

JPJ says there is an exception to the safety helmet law for those wearing serban (turban) for religious purposes.

Tax on religious bodies: Exemption order gazetted on Feb 15

They must be registered with the Registrar of Societies.

Tax on religious bodies: Ministry to issue tax exemption order

This will exempt all types of income of religious institutions from tax.

Officials on gov’t business spared traffic summonses

Deputy Home Minister however says government officials must settle traffic summonses relating to speeding when using their private cars.