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Juicing for optimal training performance

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to practise proper juicing.

AR Badul’s son sent mum ‘last show’ message

Army major believed shot while playing role of terrorist in demonstration exercise.

The secret exercise for fat loss

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to exercise for weight loss.

Mahathir cycles 11km in 45 minutes

A YouTube video shows him spiritedly cycling between Cyberjaya and Putrajaya this morning.

Police ordered to pull their weight as Indonesia fights obesity

Overweight officers in East Java have been put on a two-week crash programme of aerobics, swimming and jogging to get them to shape up for the job.

Fix a pinched nerve fast

A pinched nerve can cause pain and discomfort. Here’s how to alleviate it.

3 sure fire ways to sleep like a King (or Queen)

Exercise, drenching your bedroom with the right amount of light and timing when you sleep are important to getting a good night’s sleep.

5 alternatives to drinking coffee in the morning

From taking a brisk walk to eating healthy foods and using breathing techniques, there are far more natural and effective ways to beat sleepiness.

Gunnar Peterson brings new programme to Chris Hemsworth’s Centr

The programme is suitable for all workout levels, and it's especially well suited to those who haven't exercised before.

My secret to a long and happy life

A healthy diet, keeping physically and mentally fit, and having the right attitude can do wonders.

Study: A weekly hour of exercise can stave off disability in...

To stay in shape, the World Health Organisation recommends at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate physical activity per week for adults.

Having a moderate muscle strength level may lower type 2 diabetes...

American researchers find that moderate muscle mass appears to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 32%.

International Women’s Day: 4 ways women can look after their health

Women are often so busy taking care of the needs of others, that they usually forget to prioritise themselves.

Mobile tech is going to the dogs … literally

The push into wireless gadgets for pets comes amid slumping sales for smartphones.

Study: Spending time with people is linked to higher activity levels

If you want to give your health a boost, interacting with a diverse group of people might help, linking it to increased physical activity and feelings of well-being.

Study: Exercise more, live longer

Research finds that physiological age may predict life expectancy better than actual age.

Time-saving interval training may be better for weight loss

New research has found that when it comes to losing weight, interval training may be a more effective form of exercise than doing a continuous moderate intensity workout.

Keep fit to cut your risk of heart attack, says study

The risk of experiencing a heart attack declined steadily as the participant's fitness increased.

Trucks used to test UK’s no-deal Brexit preparedness

A transport ministry spokeswoman said 89 trucks were taking part in the exercise.

Fitness trends 2019: how your workout will change next year

Next year is an opportunity to get better workout results than ever before.

Exercise may be as effective as medication for lowering high blood...

Boosting activity levels in addition to drug treatment could be a good idea.

Working out in the evening doesn’t disrupt sleep, says new study

The findings showed that moderate exercise in the evening did not cause sleep problems in any of the studies examined.

Incontinence: How Kegel exercises can reverse it

By practicing Kegel exercises regularly, you will be able to regain bladder control as the muscles involved will be continuously strengthened.

Eat, pray, exercise: Thailand’s monks battle weight problems

Every morning Buddhist monk Pipit Sarakitwinon takes walks around his temple and does hundreds of arm exercises, part of a new regimen aimed at shedding pounds.