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Saudi Arabia launches special residency scheme for expats

The residency scheme offers two types of residencies, a permanent one and a one year renewable residency.

Doing away with highly-skilled expats will hit us badly, say employers

They point out that out of the half million unemployed locals, 200,000 of them graduates, most don’t have the required technical skills.

Dutch government appeals expats’ Brexit case

Five Britons living in the Netherlands and two expat organisations took the British government to court in January.

In ageing Thailand, developers race to supply locals and elderly expats

Not only is Thailand ageing faster than its neighbours, but it is also becoming an increasingly popular retirement option for foreigners attracted by its agreeable climate, low living and health costs and culture of service.

Survey: Expats love ‘friendly’ Malaysia

The HSBC Expat Explorer survey says the community finds it easy to find accommodation, organise healthcare and arrange childcare and schooling.

JB in top 3 for expats living in Southeast Asia

Nationals from China, Japan, United Kingdom and Iran, make up majority of foreigners who choose Johor Baru, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as favourites.

Malaysia named among best retirement havens in the world

Expats cite Malaysia's affordability, transport infrastructure and internet facilities as factors which draw them to the country.

Malaysians love whites… and that’s a fact

How is it that one has to sport a "special" look or have a "special skin tone" or be of a "special ethnicity", before one can be treated special by one's own kind?

New ranking lists top 10 expat destinations for 2016

According to a newly released ranking of the top 10 expat destinations around the world, the happiest expats live in Taiwan.

Malaysia No. 3 choice for expats to feel at home

HSBC Expat Explorer survey says expats in Malaysia believe making friends is important to make them feel at home.