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Tag: exploitation

2 women accuse actor James Franco of sexual exploitation

Hollywood actor is accused of running a bogus film school where women had to audition in the nude or agree to shoot explicit sex scenes.

Don’t demonise foreign workers, Malaysians told

AICHR representative Eric Paulsen laments the 'xenophobic' attitude towards migrant workers, especially during festive seasons where they are portrayed as 'taking over' the city.

Activist: Thailand needs neighbours’ help to crack down on slavery at...

Thailand's crackdown on exploitation and slavery will only succeed if its neighbours step up and adopt anti-trafficking laws, said a labour rights activist.

Prominent businessman and wife claim trial to exploiting domestic workers

Ketheeswaran M Kanagaratnam and Vivienne Ketheeswaran are accused of exploiting their domestic workers for the purposes of forced labour from October 2012 to March this year.

Give refugees basic human rights please, NGOs urge govt

The NGOs want women and children refugees to be sheltered in homes or centres instead of being placed in detention centres.

Kedah ‘orphanage’ denies sending kids on begging spree

This comes after state authorities sent home dozens of children who were found to be non-orphans and closed down the centre.

World’s top glovemaker vows clean-up as migrant workers toil in Malaysian...

Top Glove says it is not aware of its labour suppliers charging exorbitant fees to migrant workers and will probe the matter.

Major companies urged to stop telling anti-slavery ‘fairytales’

Anti-slavery certification schemes or codes of conduct are often sub-standard and fail to combat worker exploitation.

UN expert urges Malaysia to do more on stateless children, underage...

Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, the UN Special Rapporteur on exploitation of children, presents her preliminary findings.

G25: Make child marriage federal crime, not fatwa

The group of former prominent civil servants says states are not obliged to follow a fatwa but everyone will have to abide by a federal law prohibiting the marriage of underaged girls.

When football rules need change, and why

Because of how easily they can be exploited, certain rules of football need to be changed.

AirAsia-Bung Mokhtar spat exposes East Malaysian issues

The spat reveals the many challenges faced by East Malaysians, who have little choice but to accept the meagre pickings offered to them.

Muslim group says Shell ad to blame for ‘exploiting’ women

Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman advises men to lower their gaze in the presence of women and realise that God is watching them.

Couple face multiple charges of human trafficking for forced labour

Husband and wife plead not guilty but will appear in two more courts this week on similar charges of exploiting teenagers for forced labour.

Cops clip wings of Datuk exploiting bird’s nest factory workers

29-year-old man made 170 local and foreign women work 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sleeping in a hall with 300 others, sharing doorless toilets

Undocumented workers in Malaysia face terrible working conditions, are exploited by their bosses, discriminated against by locals, and preyed upon by policemen, says report in The Guardian.

India minister orders probe on citizen stranded here

Jagat Singh is said to have been working in a hotel in Malaysia, but when he wanted to return to his country, his passport was taken away.

After exposé, Samsung axes labour supply company

The termination comes in the wake of an exposé on working conditions of Samsung’s migrant workers in Malaysia.

Syndicates exploiting illegal M’sian workers in Australia exposed

Australian daily reports tales of low wages and squalid workers housing

Ipoh police rescue 16 forced to beg by gang

The foreigners, including a baby, were forced to beg in Ipoh, Taiping and Kuala Kangsar.

Four suspects detained for exploiting foreign women, children

IGP Khalid Abu Bakar says police have rescued 17 women and children from syndicate.

Pope Francis condemns ‘bloodsuckers’ who exploit poor workers

Pontiff laments fate of poor migrants in rich countries, says 'setting unfair contracts is a mortal sin'.