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Tag: extinction

IVF bid fails, now hunt on for fresh rhino sperm

Effort to save Sumatran rhino in Sabah takes a hit after frozen sperm from dead rhino partner fails to do its magic.

Extinction Rebellion activists occupy Paris mall

The protest comes ahead of planned disruption to 60 cities around the world.

Egg cell harvest may help save Sumatran rhino

Experts recover egg cell from last of the species at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah for in-vitro fertilisation attempt.

More than 2,300 tigers killed and trafficked this century

Report author Kanitha Krishnasamy says it is looking like a losing fight to combat tiger extinction.

Poachers, limited prey push Malayan tiger to brink of extinction

WWF Malaysia estimates that there are fewer than 200 Malayan tigers left in the wild.

Sabah hopes for change of mind by Indonesia on rhino breeding

Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew says Indonesia did not sign 13 MoUs drawn up over the past decade.

Test-tube breeding may be last hope to save rhino

Talks to be held with Indonesia about harvesting and fertlising the eggs of the last Sumatran rhinoceros left in Malaysia.

A million species risk extinction, are we one of them?

The accelerating pace at which unique life-forms are disappearing could tip Earth into the first mass extinction since non-avian dinosaurs died out.

Turtle Power: Near extinct terrapins make Cambodian comeback

Royal Turtles have been greatly reduced by hunting and sand mining, which destroyed the banks where they lay their eggs.

Red List: Many sharks closer to extinction than feared

The top predators of the ocean are edging closer to extinction as overfishing rapidly depletes their numbers.

Were dinosaurs killed off by asteroid or volcanoes? It’s complicated

Scientists say the story may not be quite that simple, and that massive volcanic eruptions over hundreds of thousands of years may have contributed to the dinosaurs' demise at the end of the Cretaceous period.

Sabah sets up joint task force to protect elephant population

A total of 116 elephants have died between October 2010 and September this year.

Cameroon pangolin traffickers caught in the act

Police in Cameroon have shut down an international poaching gang after catching six traffickers carrying more than 700 kilos of pangolin scales, a conservation group said Tuesday.

95% of lemur population facing extinction: conservationists

95% of the world's lemur population is "on the brink of extinction," making them the most endangered primates on Earth, a leading conservation group said Wednesday.

World’s biggest king penguin colony shrinks

The planet's largest colony of king penguins has declined by nearly 90% in three decades, alarmed researchers said Monday.

Bolivian water frog in lovelorn race against clock

Romeo the water frog, a social media star whose desperate need to mate has not been met, is now staring down extinction as stoically as an amphibian can.

Seven percent of Australia’s reptiles ‘risk extinction’

The island continent is home to an unusually diverse reptile population, which evolved in isolation and represents almost 10% of the global reptile fauna.

Scientists create embryos, hope to save near-extinct rhino

Months after the death of Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino, scientists said Wednesday they have grown embryos containing DNA of his kind, hoping to save the subspecies from extinction.

Third of China’s vehicle makers risk extinction, BAIC’s Xu says

At least a third of China’s vehicle makers are set to get squeezed out of the business as the country opens up its auto market to global competition.

Great Barrier Reef on sixth life in 30,000 years, study says

Although the Great Barrier Reef has narrowly escaped total destruction five times, it may not do so for a sixth.

Conservationists fight to save animals as mass extinction looms

Conservationists have had to do everything in their power to prevent animal species from going extinct.

Amazon river dolphins in steep decline, study says

The boto and tucuxi are at risk of becoming extinct.

Lake Victoria biodiversity being ‘decimated’, conservationists say

Seventy-six percent of freshwater species endemic to East Africa's Lake Victoria basin face the threat of extinction.

Cow may be largest mammal if humans keep up extinctions, study...

Current trends could end up leading to the extinction of various large mammals.