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HK leader rules out concessions in face of escalating violence

Making concession because of escalating violence will only make situation worse.

Hong Kong reopens after violent weekend of clashes and protests

The weekend's demonstrations were the latest in over three months of sometimes violent protests, with protesters angered by creeping interference by Beijing in Hong Kong's affairs.

Minister links HK protests to housing woes?

Zuraida Kamaruddin made the startling claim while defending her proposal to promote Malaysian properties in crisis-hit Hong Kong.

Hong Kong school students form human chain after weekend of protests

Secondary school students stand in solidarity with Hong Kong anti-government protestors as they formed human chains in districts across Hong Kong.

HK protesters call on Trump to liberate the city

The move comes after another night of intense clashes between police and protesters, with police firing tear gas for a second night running in Mong Kok.

Hong Kong braces for weekend protests as leader fails to appease...

Protesters plan to block traffic to Hong Kong International Airport on Saturday, just a week after thousands of demonstrators disrupted transport links.

Hong Kong leader says China ‘respects and supports’ withdrawal of extradition...

Carrie Lam says Beijing respects her view and supports her 'all the way' after her government withdrew the controversial bill.

Love in a time of tear gas: Politics and romance on...

Couples find each other protesting Hong Kong’s extradition bill.

Amid crisis, China rejects Hong Kong’s plan to appease protesters

A report submitted by Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam detailing the protestor's demands was rejected by Beijing, and she was ordered not to yield.

China ramps up talk of army intervention amid Hong Kong violence

Xinhua News Agency warned that Chinese authorities are considering a military intervention in Hong Kong, amid violent protest.

Hong Kong police arrest 36, youngest aged 12, as turmoil escalates

Sunday's violent protests between the Hong Kong police force and demonstrators has resulted in more arrests, including that of a minor.

More protests expected in Hong Kong after peaceful rallies

Hong Kong braces for a series of more protests as demonstrators turn from engaging in violent to peaceful rallies.

Hong Kong braces for fresh protests as marchers defy police ban

Weekend demonstrations begin in Hong Kong again in defiance of a police ban on marches as protestors continue to oppose an extradition bill to China.

Hong Kong leader warns protests challenge China’s sovereignty

Carrie Lum who is facing calls for her resignation addresses the media for the very first time as protests turn dangerous in Hong Kong.

More than 100 flights cancelled in Hong Kong

Some 105 flights are cancelled at Hong Kong's airport as protestors take to the streets yet again in a protest against a controversial extradition bill.

Trump calls China to deal with Hong Kong ‘riots’

America wants to wash its hands away from the Hong Kong protests calling China to deal with it.

China to weigh in on deepening Hong Kong crisis

The highly unusual press briefing in Beijing by the cabinet-level Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office will be closely watched for any hint of more direct intervention.

Hong Kong activists to return to scene of triad attack

More violence is expected as Hong Kong activists continue to protest in a rural town despite police warning.

HK police fire tear gas to disperse protesters in fresh wave...

Thousands of protesters descended on China's representative office in Hong Kong.

Thousands to turn out for anti-government march in HK

The protest will focus on the establishment of an independent probe into 'excessive use of force' by police in dispersing previous protests.

Hong Kong leader says protesters in latest clashes can be called...

Activists have been demanding the government avoid using the term ‘riot’ to refer to the protests as rioting carries a 10-year prison term.

Hong Kong protesters resume chorus of opposition to extradition bill

A second round of protests against Chinese mainland traders shows the people of Hong Kong's fuelled anger on the extradition bill.

China accuses Britain of colonial fantasy over Hong Kong

China is accusing Britain's Jeremy Hunt of 'fantasising in the faded glory of British colonialism' on his remarks about Hong Kong.

China backs Hong Kong government’s persecution of violent protesters

China backs Hong Kong holding violent criminals responsible for their acts.